The RSK region is home to the regional bases

Under the theme : ” Together, for a research and innovation system serving local development priorities“, the region of Rabat-Salé Kenitra (RSK) hosted this weekend, the regional meetings of the National Plan for Accelerating the Transformation of the Ecosystem of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation (ESRI 2030 PACTE), at the Mohammedia School of Engineers (EMI) under the Mohammed V University of Rabat (UM5), and this, within the framework of a series of regional meetings scheduled by the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation.

This landmark event, which was chaired by the Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, Abdellatif Miraoui, was organized by the Mohammed V University of Rabat, the Ibn-Tofail University of Kenitra, the International University of Rabat and the Abulcasis International University of Health Sciences, in coordination with the supervisory ministry, in the presence of the Wali of the RSK region, the President of the RSK Regional Council, the Presidents of the Moroccan universities and with the participation of other actors in the region, the private sector, civil society actors and internal actors in the universities of the region.

On the sidelines of this event, several partnership agreements were signed between the University Pole of the RSK Region and the regional, economic and social actors of the region, in accordance with the recommendations of the new development model.

Among these agreements are those between the universities of the RSK region, giving rise to the formalization of the University Pole of the RSK region (PUR RSK), in order to devote Academic and Scientific excellence.

Another agreement between the University Pole of the Region and the RSK Regional Council to devote territorial inclusion through the creation of a regional center of excellence of the RSK region, then between the University Pole of the RSK Region of a part and socio-economic actors on the other hand (PSA Morocco, the Moroccan General Confederation of Enterprises-RSK, the Banque Populaire Régionale Rabat Salé-Kenitra and Huawei Technologies Morocco), in order to establish economic inclusion and competitiveness.

And finally, an agreement between the University Center of the RSK Region and the Business Creation Foundation of the BCP group to devote social and sustainable inclusion.

During these meetings, four round tables were planned to promote exchanges and co-construction between the various stakeholders around the themes of territorial inclusion and integrated development, economic inclusion and competitiveness, social inclusion and sustainability and academic and scientific excellence.

The recommendations resulting from these meetings will be consolidated in a general summary report which will be the subject of discussions at the national meetings dedicated to the launch of the ESRI 2030 PACTE, which is a strategic vision aligned with the new development model in order to accelerate the transformation of the ecosystem and to propel Morocco to the rank of pioneering nations with a strong capacity for innovation and high added value on the academic and scientific levels.

The pact covers four strategic orientations, namely academic excellence, scientific research, operational excellence & governance 4.0 and territories of innovation.



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