The Royal Navy rescues 845 candidates for irregular migration

The Royal Navy rescues 845 candidates for irregular migration

Units of the Royal Navy rescued, during the period from July 10 to 17, 2023, 845 candidates for irregular migration of different nationalities, the majority of them sub-Saharans, including nearly 400 people rescued in waters under national jurisdiction. of the South of the Kingdom, we learned from a military source.

During these operations, a corpse was recovered and brought back to the nearest Moroccan port, the same source said.

These candidates have attempted perilous crossings aboard makeshift boats, kayaks, canoes, Jet-skis and even swimming. The rescued people received first aid on board the Royal Navy Units, before being brought back safe and sound to the nearest ports in the Kingdom and handed over to the Royal Gendarmerie for the usual administrative procedures.

The strengthening of the coastal surveillance system has forced migrants to set sail from countries in the south of the Kingdom, most often ending up on the Moroccan coast, the same source concluded.


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