The Royal Navy aborts a drug trafficking operation off El Jadida

Coastguards of the Royal Navy on patrol in the Atlantic, in collaboration with a maritime surveillance plane, aborted a narcotics trafficking operation, Monday around 04:30 am off El Jadida, indicates Tuesday a press release from the General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces.

This abortion took place “after carrying out a chase at sea of ​​several artisanal fishing boats used in illicit trafficking and preventing them from transshipping their cargoes on board three cormorants waiting offshore”the statement said.

The operation made it possible to apprehend 06 traffickers including 03 of Spanish nationality and the seizure of a large quantity of Chira, amounting to more than 12 tons, added the same source.

The offenders, the equipment and the cargo seized, were transported to the port of El Jadida and handed over to the Royal Gendarmerie for the usual administrative procedures, the statement concludes.



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