The Royal Air Force acquires Safran missiles and drones

Morocco is constantly modernizing its Royal Armed Forces (FAR) in all their components, as part of an approach aimed at ensuring regional and local security. In this context, the Royal Air Force (FRA), one of our military Institutions, is urgently awaiting AASM Hammer™ missiles in their three versions to be delivered to them by the defense company Safran (Electronics & Defense).

The missiles that the FRA will acquire are of the type with intelligent air-to-ground armament, all weather, fired at a safe distance and capable of simultaneous multi-target attacks. The AASM Hammer™ sets a new standard in both fire support and deep attack missions with its family of bomb bodies and guidance kits. It is compatible with various standard bomb bodies (all loads) and self-contained and immune to jamming, this combat system can be fired at low altitude, over rough terrain. Interoperable and modular, it covers all the tactical needs of air forces thanks to 3 guidance kits, INS/GPS, INS/GPS/IR and laser. So much for the technical side of this AASM Hammer™ missile with a range of 60 km. This armament is a definite advantage for FRA hunting. These missiles in their three versions initially designed for the French Rafales have however been adapted to other aircraft such as the Mirages of the FRA or the F16 which can make use of the AASM Hammer™.

One good news calling another, the Kingdom has always been reinforced in the air field of deliveries of Turkish armed drones Bayraktar TB2. After the order of about twenty drones, made with Turkey in April last year, the Kingdom with regard to the shuttles of the C-130 Hercules of the FRA towards Turkish lands and back is in the process of garnering points in its dominance of regional airspace in this sector.

Morocco is gradually becoming a regional power in this area if we judge by the acquisitions of various nationalities (Israel, United States, Turkey, etc.) of unmanned aircraft capable of carrying out surveillance missions. , intelligence, defense and attack against all kinds of targets whether air, land or sea. With the project to create an industry in this area and moreover with an export vocation, it is certain that the Kingdom has a certain interest in drones in terms of its geostrategic positioning in the region or even the continent.

The specialized site “Global Firepower”, which recently published its annual ranking of the greatest military powers, indicated that the FRA possessed 249 military aircraft, including 83 combat aircraft, 64 helicopters, 29 transport aircraft, 67 training aircraft and fighter, 4 special mission aircraft and 2 supply ships, the report reveals. The same source adds that Morocco has 3,335 tanks, 3,500 armored vehicles, 517 self-propelled artillery pieces, 212 artillery trailers and 144 missile launchers, noting that the Royal Navy consists of 121 military ships, 4 corvettes, 6 frigates and a number of naval patrols.



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