The regime of Algiers reviews and corrects the Algerian anthem to the chagrin of Paris

The regime of Algiers reviews and corrects the Algerian anthem to the chagrin of Paris

Hold on tight! the chief capo of the Algiers regime has signed a new presidential decree which restores a verse of the Algerian national anthem referring to France, and which had been “removed” in 1986 for political considerations at the time (vague of attacks which had shaken France, a moral, political and economic crisis, and correlatively the arrival of the FIS as a major political player in Algeria).

These events caused the French government of this period to restore entry visas for non-residents of the European community. The measure was experienced as an offense in the Maghreb and more particularly in Algeria which immediately established reciprocity. Also to soften the tone of these stormy reports, the Algerian government under the presidency of Chadli Bendjedid and Prime Minister Abdelhamid Brahimi (Feb 1986/Nov 88) by decree, suppressed the couplet of discord.

That said, presidential decree 23-195 of May 21, 2023 modifying and supplementing decree 86-45 of March 11, 1986, published in the official journal n°36 of last May 24, therefore stipulates to remain in the official pure and hard “made in Algeria” than “ the national anthem is performed, song and music, in its five verses during official commemorations in the “presence of the President” of the Republic. Let’s have fun returning to the nostalgic past of the senile people of Algiers! The couplet once deleted and now put back again, made explicit reference to France as a colonizer of the time.

He displayed the determination of the revolution to free itself from its yoke and said literally translated, let’s hang on! ” O France! The time for palaver is over. We closed it as one closes a book. O France! The day has come when you must be accountable. Get ready ! Here is our answer. The verdict, our revolution will deliver. Because we have decided that Algeria will live. Witness it! Witness it! Witness it! », the famous « achhadous » of the end.

The supposed reason for this was that the Algerian national anthem “Qassaman“ (We swear!) was the only one in the world which could contain the mention of another country. This same verse had been removed from the school textbook for the fifth year of primary school. This had provoked violent collective protests and moreover strongly mediated.

Mujahideen and children of martyrs, had shouted haro on the authors of this sacrilege. They were also fired and permanently banned from practicing. The manual in question was immediately withdrawn and another book with the national anthem in its entirety replaced it. Following this, the government council created a new commission responsible for the reading and permanent verification of school textbooks.

That said, the decree authorizes the performance of a reduced score of the national anthem, follow the gaze without fear and without reproach, during appropriate ceremonials, solemn communications or addresses by the president to the nation and official ceremonies. in his presence as well as during official visits by Heads of State and personalities of the same rank, guests of Algeria, where the national anthem is performed after that of the foreign country.

If we understand well the re-made Algerian anthem made in “senile d’Alger” concerns only Algerians. A way like any other to maintain the culture of hatred of the French that is instilled in the Algerian from an early age if not to say at birth, when it is not genetic.

This situation which intervenes in full escalation of the tensions between France and Algeria if it lends to laughter by its ridiculousness which unfortunately does not kill its authors, pushes to many interrogations. Indeed, it is as it were, the brief love affairs as a honeymoon between Macronie and the East of Eden seem to have quickly been consumed.

There is therefore nothing to make a descendant of it. It would be like nipping her in the bud. And in view of the back-and-forth postponements of Algerian presidential visits to France, we can only observe than the pair of swans stutters and bat wing. Could this already be the famous swan song?


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