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The reforms led by the King give Morocco a distinguished place at the international level (ambassador)

King Mohammed VI has carried out fundamental reforms since his accession to the throne which have given the Kingdom a distinguished position at the regional, continental and international levels, said Morocco’s ambassador to Chile, Kenza El Ghali.

Speaking at a conference on “The gender approach and the restructuring of Moroccan society in the 21st century”, organized at the University of Concepción (500 km south-west of the capital Santiago), Ms El Ghali affirmed that Moroccan society has lived in recent years to the rhythm of the consolidation of the rule of law, citing major projects such as the Family Code and the New Development Model.

The gender approach and gender equality, she continued, constitute a priority issue in the promotion of modernity and the consolidation of the rule of law, stressing that this interest in the issue is the fruit of a firm and committed political will, thanks to the high concern with which HM the King surrounds Moroccan women, in a dynamic Moroccan society, in tune with the times and looking towards a better future.

The 2011 Constitution, considered the most advanced in the Arab world, emphasized gender equality and equal opportunities, and rejected all forms of discrimination against women, who today occupy We now have decision-making positions at the executive, legislative and judicial levels, in addition to the diplomatic field since Morocco has several female ambassadors around the world.

In front of an audience of researchers, academics, journalists and students, the Moroccan diplomat highlighted the importance of involving women in the management of religious affairs, and of their strong presence, alongside men, in the area of ​​preaching and religious leadership, in addition to their presence within the regional councils of ulemas and the Superior Council of ulemas. This is a very important step taken by the Kingdom to modernize the religious field, promote a discourse of moderation and against extremism, thanks to the contribution of qualified mourchidates for these missions, she explained.

Mrs. El Ghali further affirmed that the time has come to take real initiatives that support the empowerment of women in order to achieve full gender equality in our societies.

On the sidelines of this conference, the Ambassador of Morocco in Santiago was the guest on two radio and television programs from the University of Concepción, where she pointed out that Morocco, on the economic level, has launched major structuring projects that have made the Kingdom a regional and continental leader in terms of road, port, airport, motorway infrastructure, in addition to improving rail transport and health, among others.

It also focused on key achievements in the social field, such as the project to generalize social protection, considered a real social revolution, which will undoubtedly have a positive and direct impact on the living conditions of citizens, to ensure the protection of vulnerable groups, particularly in the context of economic fluctuations and the health and epidemiological risks currently facing the world.

On the other hand, the diplomat noted that the Mohammed VI Cultural Center for the Dialogue of Civilizations in Coquimbo (461 km north of Santiago) plays an important role in building bridges of communication between the Kingdom and Latin America, as it constitutes a platform of civilizational influence which reflects the strength of the ties between two friendly countries, Morocco and Chile.



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