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the reform of the Penal Code being finalized

Abdellatif Ouahbi, regarding the latest indiscretions concerning the reform of the Penal Code, announced its imminent ratification. Indeed, the Minister of Justice indicated on Tuesday before the Committee on Justice and Legislation of the House of Representatives that the government is in the process of completing the final version of the draft reform of the Penal Code.

The Ministry of Justice prepared a copy of the draft criminal law and forwarded it to the General Secretariat of the Government. We are now awaiting the opinions of certain other sectors, before submitting the project to the government council for approval. said, thee Minister of Justice. Abdellatif Ouahbi further asserted that the Penal Code reform project will include provisions for the purpose of controlling freedom of expression on social networking sites, justifying them as “ Some people use social networking sites to say nonsense“.

On the other hand, the Minister of Justice underlined that the new draft law relating to judicial experts has come to compensate for the weaknesses of the texts more than 20 years after their entry into force. The project is part, according to Ouahbi, within the framework of the technological evolution and the development of technical means of the new era. He also indicated that the inclusion on the list of legal experts remained limited to private persons.

It is not until 2021, when a group of institutes, laboratories and offices affiliated with either the Royal Gendarmerie, the General Administration of National Security, or Customs and Indirect Taxes, the Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Waters and Forests of the National Museums Foundation, have filed applications for inclusion on the list of legal experts. The latter have moreover been accepted, indicates the Minister of Justice.



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