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The rate of children concerned reached 14% between 2015 and 2021

According to the latest UNICEF report, globally, 640 million girls and women who are still alive today were married as children, or 12 million girl marriages each year. The rate of child marriage in Morocco reached 14% between 2015 and 2021.

Although child marriage has steadily declined over the past decade, a host of crises, including conflict, climate shocks and the ongoing fallout from COVID-19, threaten to undo hard-won progress. according to a new analysis released by UNICEF.

Thus, UNICEF emphasizes in its report on “ The situation of children in the world published on Wednesday that although the proportion of young women married as children globally has fallen from 21% to 19% since the last estimates published 5 years ago, the world is expected to grow 20 times faster. to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal of ending child marriage by 2030.

At the current rate, UNICEF reveals that sub-Saharan Africa, which is currently the second region with the highest share of child brides (20%), will only eliminate the practice in 200 years. Rapid population growth, combined with the crises affecting the region, is expected to increase the number of child brides while this figure is expected to decline in the rest of the world.

The world is overwhelmed by a web of crises that are shattering the hopes and dreams of vulnerable children, especially girls, who should be studying instead of getting married said Catherine Russell, Executive Director of UNICEF. ” Health and economic crises, escalating armed conflict and the devastating effects of climate change are pushing families to seek a false sense of security by resorting to child marriage. We must do everything in our power to ensure that girls enjoy their right to education and autonomy “, she pointed out.

Regarding Morocco, the report states that 64% of married Moroccan teenagers have been victims of violence and beatings. On the other hand, the same report examined various aspects related to the general health of children. It is emphasized in this sense that the rate of HIV infection per 1,000 uninfected Moroccans was 0.03 in children up to the age of 14 years.

The report estimated that 690 Moroccan children aged 0-14 were infected with HIV, and 540 children aged 10-19. The annual number of deaths of Moroccan children under the age of five during the year 2021 has been estimated at 12,000 deaths, that is to say that out of 100,000 children under the age of five, an average of 18 deaths is recorded.

Also, the report points out that the Moroccan infant mortality rate fell from 64 in 1990 to 15 in 2021, while deaths among children between 5 and 14 years old fell from 9 deaths in 1970 to 2 in 2021. UNICEF also estimated the fertility rate in Morocco at 2.3% and the vaccination rate against vaccine-preventable diseases at 99%.

In sum, UNICEF estimates in its report that girls living in fragile contexts are twice as likely to be married as children than other girls, noting that the tenfold increase in conflict-related deaths is thus associated with a 7% increase in child marriages.

At the same time, extreme weather events induced by climate change also increase the risks for girls, with every 10% difference in rainfall associated with an almost 1% increase in the prevalence of child marriage, the report highlights. .

Progress in eliminating the practice over the past decade is also threatened, if not reversed, by the permanent effects of COVID-19, the analysis found. According to estimates, the number of child marriages averted since 2020 has already dropped by 25% due to the pandemic.

We have proven that progress to end child marriage is possible. This requires unwavering support for vulnerable girls and families “, adds Catherine Russell. ” We need to make sure girls stay in school and have economic opportunities “, she concluded.



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