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The rains of the last few days have revived hope in our countryside

The period that the Kingdom is currently going through is not the most suitable with regard to what it carries, but there are some signs as good omens which, without really relieving us of this famous thorn in the foot, lend to hope.

Drought, inflation, low growth, high cost of living… these are elements that prompt us to question ourselves in the face of a truly unfavorable environment. With the water deficit, it is like the beginning of a way out of the crisis with these beneficial rains which are falling on the Kingdom although for all that, we have not yet left the inn. These December rains, if somewhere they relieve, they will not make up for the deficit of the dams, the average of which is around a quarter of their capacity.

However, the fact appears as a positive note and therefore useless to be reluctant on these last precipitations on a ground strongly affected by a drought which settles on our country more and more frequently. Still, these beneficial rains are particularly welcome in rural areas and among farmers, who really needed it to really start an agricultural campaign that started off on a bad footing, with preparations behind schedule.

To make matters worse, the latest measures to secure water supply in the country (irrigation reduced by at least 5, agricultural areas divided, gourmet crops prohibited and other unpopular measures which in other times would not have taken place) have had to difficult to pass for many of our fellahs. Without irrigation by dams, the agricultural world has no choice but to look up to the sky and scan the slightest cloud on the horizon, waiting for rains which are becoming increasingly rare or when this is the case, to tap into a water table that has been overexploited for years.

These restrictions have led to an increase in the funds allocated to the National Drinking Water Supply and Irrigation Program 2020-2027, from 115 to 150 billion dirhams. But when the rains are there, everything goes in our countryside. And it is not for nothing that they are called “beneficial rains”. They revive the hopes of farmers, because for many of them it is primarily a divine sign that these precipitations in the form of rain or snow.

Rains are still forecast for the coming days in several provinces of the Kingdom and they should continue at least until at least next week. We will never stop repeating it, water is the source of life. Rain is the best fertilizer for plants by watering and nourishing them. It thus participates in their development. The rains, much more than irrigation, watering, allow the earth to hydrate to support future crops. Above all, it purifies the air we breathe.



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