The rainbow jersey is not unanimous

The rainbow jersey is not unanimous

If several players have worn this imposed jersey despite their personal convictions just to avoid making waves, other players in the French football league have chosen not to be spokespersons for a cause they do not defend. not or with which they do not associate.

The French Football Federation has reframed and threatened referees to prevent them from providing a cool break to allow players of the Muslim faith to break their youth, explaining in hazardous justifications hiding a certain racism not wanting to politicize the sport or even guarantee the secular values.

This time, the players are forced to espouse a cause that is not necessarily theirs, and does not represent their values ​​and personal positions, playing with jerseys claiming homosexuality.

Several players have been forced to play wearing these shirts due to the timing of the competition coming towards the end. However, players wanted to respect their freedoms and their choice not to endorse this campaign.

In Toulouse, “players from the professional workforce expressed their disagreement” and did not want to be associated with this operation, the club said in a press release.

Moroccan international Zakaria Aboukhlal, who plays for Toulouse, explained in English on Instagram that he “respects all individuals, whatever their preferences, gender, religion”, but, he insisted on specifying, the ” respect also contains respect for my own beliefs. I don’t think I’m the best person to participate in this campaign, I hope my decision will be respected,” he said.

In Nantes, the Egyptian Mostafa Mohamed also marked his refusal to participate in this campaign operation. The team’s coach, Pierre Aristouy, said the player “was torn between his desire to play and more distant issues. It is a sensitive issue”.

On Saturday, the Senegalese defender of Guingamp Donatien Gomis also preferred to forfeit the Ligue 2 match at Sochaux.

For his part, Brest coach Eric Roy lamented a “catastrophic” timing. “Don’t do it in the last four matches” when the clubs are playing their “survival”, he said after Brest’s victory against Auxerre on Sunday afternoon.

“There are players who have a problem with it. Everyone is free to their opinions, personally, that does not pose a problem for me, ”added the technician from Brest. “It’s very good that the League is getting involved, but personally, I’m not happy that there are five players who aren’t playing in Toulouse, who are playing against Nantes, who are fighting with us to maintain their position. Is it fair? No. »


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