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The Psycho-Social Rehabilitation Center of Casablanca opens its doors

As part of its annual days, the Ligue Pour la Santé Mentale organizes its 44th annual days under the slogan “Place of physical activity in the prevention and management of mental disorders” as well as the 2nd psycho-rehabilitation forum. social, on December 16 and 17, 2022, and announces the opening of the Psycho-social Rehabilitation Center of Casablanca.

The opportunity for the League to announce the opening of the Psycho-social Rehabilitation Center of the University Hospital Center (CHU) Ibn Rochd, for the first time this Friday, December 16, where the various activities of the center were presented this morning in more than one patient-family and caregiver encounter.

Also, the first session of the 44th annual League for Health Days will be held this Friday, December 16. An event that will see the presentation and intervention of several professors and specialists, such as Dr. Fatima Fathi, Dr. Bouchra Benyezza (Art therapy and Cinepsy Unit), Nicolas Franck from Lyon (Physical activity as a tool rehabilitation in mental health), or even Dr. Othman Sentissi (Innovative program of physical activity adapted from the department of psychiatry of Geneva), and this, from 2:30 p.m. in the Amphitheater Pr Jamila Hachim of the Faculty of Medicine and Casablanca Pharmacy. The second and third sessions devoted to professionals will take place on Saturday December 17, specifies the League.

The choice of this theme comes from the fact that physical activity has its place in the prevention and treatment of many organic diseases, as affirmed by the international scientific community quoted in a press release from the League, noting that its role in the The field of mental health is attracting more and more interest, and is the subject of numerous international publications confirming its positive impact on psychological health and the different levels of intervention for mental disorders.

For this, national and international speakers will discuss this subject in different axes during the three sessions of the event, in order to answer the various related questions concerning physical activity and mental health.

In a statement to MoroccoLatestNews UKDr. Fatima Fathi, nutritionist and certified coach confided that the 44th annual days of the League for Mental Health, is an opportunity to announce the opening of the Center for Psycho-Social Rehabilitation of CHU Ibn Rochd in Casablanca (envelope: 10.5 MDH).

Indeed, King Mohammed VI, President of the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, had given, last September, his high instructions so that the centers built by the foundation and completed start their reception and socio-care activities. -medical in favor of populations from disadvantaged backgrounds.

” Lhe Centre, which is a Jewel, has opened its doors. Today, we have 17 stands where we present the 17 workshops of the center which are set up to serve patients. There is everything. Everything related to art therapy, and others. And that’s very interesting stuff. The event is not limited to these two days. We would like to inform citizens of the opening of the center so that they can come and take advantage of its services.“, says Dr. Fathi.



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