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the price of diesel drops by one dirham, unleaded stagnates

For the second week in a row, fuel prices fell back at least, that of diesel at certain service stations which should lose almost one dirham per liter in a fortnight, and this, from this February 15.

Its price will remain well below the price of a liter of unleaded, which will remain at its level or drop significantly by a few cents. Indeed, rumors “from good sources” indicate that fuels will be down this fortnight, but diesel will drop much more than unleaded.

Service stations will therefore be required to apply this reduction from this Wednesday. This downward trend, the most significant in recent months, if it ultimately only concerns diesel, seems to be welcomed by consumers, although it remains below the expectations of truckers of all kinds.

And this, in particular among carriers and commercial vehicles – the biggest consumers -, individuals remaining in the government approach as an insignificant case, just like, moreover, those using unleaded. That said, this drop comes against a backdrop of inflation and a general rise in prices. The executive, on this eve of Ramadan, is seeking to calm things down. Thus, he indicated that he had regulated the prices of basic foodstuffs.

In short, the prices according to the operators, should in any case for diesel, fall below 13 dirhams. However, gasoline, which is no longer a rare energy on our bitumens, will not experience the same effects. It should stagnate at the same price or even decrease by a few pennies to the happiness of service stations.

This fall could be explained by the relaxation of the international prices of the refined product between this fortnight and the previous one and of the average of the platts which lost almost 100 dollars along the way (858 dollars). This drop is also explained by the depreciation of the dollar against the dirham, which has picked up a few slight drops since the start of the year. On Tuesday, it was currently trading at an average price of 10.18 dirhams.



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