The presence of the pseudo “rasd” is “an anomaly” within the AU

The presence of the pseudo “rasd” is “an institutional obstacle” and “an anomaly” within the African Union (AU), argued Monday in Rabat, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans residing abroad, Nasser Bourita.

“The existence of the pseudo + rasd + is a legal aberration because it does not correspond to the constituent elements of a State at the international level”, affirmed Bourita who received former Prime Ministers and former African Ministers, signatories of the ” Solemn appeal for the expulsion of the +pseudo-rasd+ from the African Union”, known as “Call from Tangier”.

“Its presence is an institutional obstacle and an anomaly within the Pan-African organization”, indicated the minister, explaining that the existence of the “rasd” constitutes a problem for Africa.

The creation of this puppet entity is “a violation” of international law and the principles of national unity, Bourita continued, stressing that the “rasd” embodies “an Africa of divisions” and “a contradiction” to the practice of the AU.

“We can build an action plan from the + White Book + to approach those responsible and educate lawyers and the media in relation to this aberration”, he recommended, considering that “if the + sard + is a State , its first place must be in the United Nations”.

Adopted unanimously by former African Prime Ministers and former Ministers during the first follow-up meeting of the “Call of Tangier” for the expulsion of the pseudo “rasd” from the AU, held last Saturday in Marrakech , the “White Paper” admits that the presence within the AU of this non-state emanation of an armed separatist group illustrates the institutional vulnerability of the Organization and represents an undeniable obstacle to regional and continental economic integration.


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