The PP wins the regional and municipal elections

The PP wins the regional and municipal elections

The People’s Party (PP, the main opposition party) won the regional and municipal elections organized this Sunday in Spain, both in terms of votes obtained throughout Spain and the number of councillors, with a lead of 687,000 votes over the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE), after counting 95% of the votes.

The right-wing party holds a 2.5 point lead over (PSOE), and thus obtains its first victory in local elections since 2015.

The PP won 2,375 more councilors than in the 2019 municipal elections, while the PSOE lost almost the same number, 2,181.

The PP collected 6,691,731 ballot papers in these elections and the Socialists 6,004,291.

On the other hand, the far-right Vox party doubled its electoral record in the regional and municipal elections, rising from 3.5% of the vote to 7.1%. It got 530 advisers in 2019 and now has 1,663, three times the number of advisers in all of Spain.

Some 63.83% of voters, or 21,778,181, voted this Sunday in the Spanish regional and municipal elections, a drop of just over one point (1.3) compared to the 2019 elections, where this rate was 65.19%.


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