The position on the Sahara has not changed and the migration is also suffered by Morocco

The position on the Sahara has not changed and the migration is also suffered by Morocco

The head of the Spanish government, Pedro Sanchez, denied that Spain’s position on the Sahara issue had changed, considering that the position expressed in the letter addressed to King Mohammed VI remains faithful to the same “approach as Spain maintained in previous governments”.

Spain’s position on the Moroccan Sahara issue “is fully compatible with the United Nations and similar to those expressed by international allies, such as Germany, the Netherlands and the United States.

At 19 days of the legislative elections, the Head of the Spanish government returned to one of the subjects used against him by the opposition by formally denying that Morocco has compromising information about him.

“They have nothing against me. I’m not perfect, but I’m clean,” he said in an interview with Telecinco.

“I had to listen and read information that the change of position is linked to the fact that my wife has a drug trafficking network in Morocco,” replied the president, who accused the leader of the opposition, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, to “slip” that “we don’t know exactly what is in Sánchez’s motive”.

He replied “it’s not acceptable” to ask to see what he has on his cell phone or what is going on with his wife.

On the subject of illegal migration, Pedro Sánchez, felt that we had to put ourselves in Morocco’s shoes and understand it too.

“Talking about migration with Morocco also means putting yourself in its place and being aware that it also suffers from this challenge,” he said while praising the migration policy and the strengthening of bilateral relations.

What is being done in this area with Morocco is “something good” and it is “a good experience to export” to other countries.

The President of the Spanish Executive claimed to have spent “many hours” on Spain’s relationship with Morocco and that now other countries, among which he cited Italy, Libya, Tunisia, Greece or Turkey, see this relationship as “strategic” and as a “good experience to export to many countries”.

He also argued that the Western Mediterranean route is “the only one that is decreasing” in terms of entry numbers of irregular migrants.

To refer to Vox’s proposal to do “much more” to control irregular migration, the Spanish prime minister compared his government to that of Giorgia Meloni in Italy, where, he said, the numbers are ” extraordinarily worrying” whereas in Spain, they are decreasing.

Furthermore, he noted that Morocco also suffers from this irregular migration from the Sahel, “a very unstable area” where we observe institutional deterioration and coups d’etat.

“These are very unstable areas, where it is not that there are no opportunities, but rather where there are no freedoms, there is no democracy, and therefore many of these human beings, unfortunately, are looking for a better future. Not only in Europe, but also in African countries such as Morocco,” he argued.


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