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The pose of the hoof soon to be relaunched

After a long break and years of fighting against this practice disapproved of by a large number of citizens, the town hall of Rabat plans to restore the paid parking system, accompanied by the installation of the famous shoe to immobilize vehicles.

While the Regional Court of Auditors had decided in this case more than three years ago, it seems that clogs will reappear in the capital. It is also a decision taken recently by the town hall already raising questions within the municipal council.

It has been reported that the decision to relaunch the company Rabat Parking, a company that once managed parking in the capital before the report of the Court of Auditors highlighted the dysfunctions of the sector as well as the uncontrolled expenses, belongs to the mayor of the cityAsmaa Rhlalou, who said that a set of meetings would have been held with the company’s officials in order to breathe new life into the company using a payment system. Note that the city holds 51% of the shares of SDL Rabat Parking.

The mayor notably announced the creation of an administrative police team responsible for enforcing parking rules in the city. The implementation of this action follows the financial losses experienced by the capital due to a previous decision which condemned the Local Development Company (SDL) Rabat Parking to bankruptcy, in addition to the parking chaos caused by the ban on the installation of the clog .

It is worth remembering that the management of the SDL was faced with a financial situation which deteriorated cruelly. Rabat Parking’s turnover has been mutilated by more than 37% in barely 4 years, going from 21.5 million dirhams in 2014 to 14.1 million dirhams in 2018. This unexpected drop is explained by stopping verbalization by the hoof.

Indeed, since March 2015, the verbalization process has experienced difficulties due to a lack of involvement of the administrative police, in particular the illegal application of this manoeuvre. However, in January 2017, the municipality of Rabat took the decision to completely suspend the verbalization by clog.

However, it is expected that the reinstatement of parking will be carried out gradually, district by district, starting this year with the Hassan and Agdal Ryad districts, before extending to the other districts from next year.



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