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The Polisario interferes in Morocco-Spain relations thanks to a Spanish media

Polisario separatist circles do not miss an opportunity to talk about Morocco and subjects that do not concern them, such as the high-level meeting between Morocco and Spain which is being held on February 1 and 2 in Rabat. Once again, with the complacency of a certain Spanish press, the separatists ridiculed themselves by their lies in wanting to give themselves legitimacy in purely bilateral discussions.

The Spanish press agency Europa Press gave a platform to one of the representatives of the separatist group established in Spain. Like many members of the Polisario, this delegate of the separatist militia, Abdulah Arabi, has taken up residence in Spain where he lives in the splendor of Spanish and Algerian aid. A life that he is resolutely not ready to drop for the simple reason that his mission is to delay the settlement of the Sahara issue by clinging to the outdated and impracticable thesis of the referendum.

As the high-level meeting between Morocco and Spain is taking place, which brings together several ministers and senior officials from both countries, the Spanish agency writes: Arabi fears that issues relating to “sovereign” issues related to Western Sahara .

Except that the Western Sahara he cites is fully part of Moroccan territory, and is administered by Morocco, so the only sovereignty that exists is that of Morocco. A separatist movement that is not a state cannot claim sovereignty over a territory that does not belong to it and in which it does not live, since the real territory it administers is called Tindouf and is in Algeria.

Attacking Morocco, which in principle must negotiate agreements with the Spanish side, between two independent and sovereign states on their territory, the Polisario representative said that Rabat would try to “subordinate” everything that is signed to its political interests .

Speaking too quickly, the delegate from the armed separatist group went further, saying that Morocco should try to make ” blackmail “ to Spain and announce it with a meeting between the head of the Spanish government Pedro Sanchez and King Mohammed VI.

The Morocco “usually uses it to put the icing on the cake” to this type of forum, “depending on what he wants to achieve”he launched, except that once again, it will not have been necessary to wait long for his lie to be revealed since there was no meeting between the two men, but a phone call and an invitation for later.

Europa press added that the Sahrawi separatist militia member once again urged Pedro Sanchez to recover “the traditional position of Spain as an administering power” of the Sahara.

A crazy and illogical call coming from a supposed Sahrawi because the real Sahrawis fought the Spanish occupation to liberate the Sahara so that it could become Moroccan again. Never would a Saharawi want Spain to become the administering power of the Sahara again, unless it is a traitor to the Polisario who acts for Algerian agendas and part of the Spanish policies nostalgic for the colonial past of the Spain.

Last lie stated in the dispatch of Europa press, the qualification of ” no respect “ United Nations resolutions, when Spain affirmed in March 2022 that the Sahara autonomy plan is the most serious, the most realistic, the most credible option to put an end to this file.

Abdulah Arabi is not lacking in arrogance to manipulate the facts and use them for his narrative, since the Polisario itself has rejected the latest United Nations resolutions, and these resolutions also underline, with the same adjectives used by Spain , that the Sahara autonomy plan is a serious, realistic and credible option.



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