The Polisario activates its networks in France, Spain and Italy

The Polisario activates its networks in France, Spain and Italy

The Polisario activates its relays in Europe to gain ground by using the “tenderness” aroused by the children of the Tindouf camps in Algeria to attract compassion and gain sympathy. In recent weeks, members of the Algiers-funded separatist militia have been stepping up efforts on several fronts after Morocco’s diplomatic breakthroughs.

As the expiry date of the Fisheries Agreement between Morocco and the European Union approaches on July 17, the Polisario is trying to appease the fishermen of the Canary Islands, one of the main beneficiaries of the agreement with Morocco.

Spain alone owns 97 of the 128 European vessels authorized to fish in Moroccan waters. The activism of Canarian circles against international legality, the terms of the agreement signed with the EU as well as the position of the Spanish State, only harms Canarian interests.

This week, members of the armed separatist group will join associations in the Canary Islands to try to position themselves as an interlocutor instead of Morocco.

The meeting will be organized under the slogan “Building bridges and weaving networks of dialogue that promote the interests of the Canarian fishing sector and the interests of the people of Western Sahara”, according to Polisario circles which announce the presence of the representative of the militia in Spain, their lawyer Gilles Devers, the head of professional fishing in the Canary Islands, Antonio Rodriguez, and the representative of the regional federation of fishermen’s unions in the Canary Islands, David Pavon, as well as two close Canarian associations supporting the Polisario.

At the same time, in Spain and in particular in Madrid, separatist circles are weaving their web by seeking partnerships and support from organizations of young people and students, women and workers to rally them to their cause.

For this, a group from the Polisario traveled to the Spanish capital for several days to meet representatives of leftist and communist parties in order to put in place their plan, which will revolve around various activities, including cultural programs to promote the separatist thesis.

In France, the mayor of the city of Rezé near Nantes, Agnès Bourgeais, supported the polisario by welcoming a group of this militia who came with children from the Tindouf camps in Algeria, supposedly for them to spend holidays In France.

This operation to support the separatists, disguised as a humanitarian gesture, was organized by Algeria through its consul in Nantes. The mayor of Rezé affirmed that her municipality “supports many sectors in the refugee camps to support the struggle of the Saharawi people”.

For its part, “Children refugees of the world”, an association specializing in this type of operation in France and which links up with Algeria to promote the separatist thesis, was pleased to have organized this new edition for the 38th consecutive year in France.

The leader of the Polisario armed group, Brahim Ghali, recently tried to use the diplomatic crisis between Morocco and France to his advantage, by specifically inviting him to get involved on the side of the separatists.

The same operation using Sahrawi children from the Tindouf camps was organized in Italy this week within the framework of a strategy called “holidays in peace program” organized in several cities in Spain in particular and which aims to welcome children from Tindouf camps with European families to gain their sympathy.

It took place in the presence of Beniamino Marcello, the mayor of the town of San Giorgio Bigarello in the Lombardy region, who received the flag of the separatists and promised to hoist it over the town.

All these continuous efforts by the Polisario militiamen are part of a context of a marked decline in popularity and awareness in European circles of their real intentions and their true face, which has nothing to do with this touching human component presented through children.

Morocco has inflicted serious setbacks on Algeria, which is using the Polisario as a proxy to seize its lands by holding thousands of Sahrawis hostage. In recent years, the countries that once believed in separatist theses have withdrawn their recognition of the self-proclaimed republic of the polisario, several states have opened consulates in the Sahara and other European countries such as Germany, Spain have adopted a position supporting Morocco, in addition to the recognition of the United States of Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara.

All these countries have been approached by Algeria in recent months to try to convince them to support the Polisario. Algerian diplomacy has seriously failed to achieve its purpose in these countries, the latest being Italy, Serbia and Portugal.

Meanwhile, other countries that recognize the puppet entity created by Algeria, the “rasd”, such as Syria or Iran are in the process of withdrawing their support for this militia to regain Morocco’s confidence.


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