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The PLF-2022 proposes to reinstate the social solidarity contribution

The 2022 finance bill (PLF) proposes to reinstate the social solidarity contribution on profits for a category of companies for next year.

This measure aims to continue and consolidate efforts to mobilize resources to strengthen social cohesion during the current specific circumstances, in accordance with the High Royal Guidelines, the provisions of article 40 of the Constitution, the provisions of the framework law, as well as than the recommendations of the new development model, indicates the presentation note of PLF-2022.

This contribution will be applied to companies subject to corporation tax (IS) whose net profit is equal to or greater than one million dirhams (MDH), excluding companies permanently exempt from corporation tax, companies operating in industrial acceleration zones and service companies benefiting from the tax regime provided for the “Casablanca Finance City” financial center, the same source specifies.

The aforementioned contribution is calculated according to the proportional rates of 2% for companies whose net profit is in the range of 1,000,000 to 5,000,000 dirhams, of 3% for those whose net profit is between 5,000,001 and 40,000,000 dirhams and 5% for companies whose net profit exceeds 40,000,000 dirhams, the presentation note said.

This measure also meets the objectives of the framework law relating to the mobilization of the full fiscal potential for the financing of public policies and the strengthening of both economic development and social inclusion and cohesion. It is also about effective redistribution and reduction of inequalities with a view to strengthening justice and social cohesion and broadening the base.




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