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The PJD wants to ban binational ministers

The Justice and Development Party (PJD) is still being talked about by wanting to ban dual nationals from being ministers. Parliamentarians from the opposition House of Representatives have presented a bill to launch this ban.

The proposal was sent to the House of Representatives office this week. It aims to modify certain articles of the organic law relating to the organization and conduct of government work and the legal status of its members.

The PJDists want to modify article 31 of this law to prevent Moroccans with other nationalities from being part of the government. The same goes for people who do not enjoy their civil and political rights, who should no longer be eligible for government membership, they say.

Other amendments were presented, always within the framework of government functions. Article 33 is also targeted by the PJD parliamentarians in their proposed amendment.

They propose that all members of the government sell all the shares they hold, including corporations, entrepreneurs and private establishments. They also consider that ministers should cease all professional or commercial activity in the private sector during the period of their exercise of their functions.

The parliamentarians of the PJD add a third amendment in their proposal sent to the office of the House of Representatives. It concerns article 35 and stipulates the need to settle the status of each member of Parliament in a state of conflict within a period not exceeding 30 days from the date of appointment of the government by the House of Representatives, or from the date of appointment of the member of government concerned, as the case may be.

The bill must be approved by the government before being discussed in the committee to reach the stage of approval and passage, but it is unlikely to be approved by the executive.



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