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The phosphates and derivatives sector, 1st contributor to the increase in Moroccan exports in 2021

Exports of phosphates and derivatives continued to rise in 2021 to reach 80.3 billion dirhams (MMDH), contributing almost half (+44.7%) to the increase in overall Moroccan exports, according to the Office des Changes.

Exports of phosphates and derivatives, up 57.8%, were driven by sales of natural and chemical fertilizers (+60.2%), phosphoric acid (+74.1%) and phosphates (+21.9%), specifies the Office in its annual report on Morocco’s foreign trade in 2021.

And note that exports of goods (expressed FOB – Free on board) show a growth of 25% to 328.8 billion dirhams in 2021.

With regard to the automotive sector, which was strongly affected in 2020, its exports are on the rise again and exceed their pre-crisis level to post an increase of 15.6% in 2021 compared to 2020. The sector maintains its position as leading exporter. Exports from the construction ecosystem (+34.7%) are behind this increase.

For their part, exports of the “Agriculture and agri-food” sector are also on the rise after having recorded stability in 2020. They show an increase of 11.4%, mainly attributable to the increase in sales of the food industry. (11.6%) and agriculture, forestry, hunting (11.1%).

This is also the case for the electronics and electricity sector, which saw its exports grow by 30.2% in 2021, after having stagnated in 2020. This development is mainly linked to the increase in exports of wires, cables and other insulated conductors. electricity (+1.3 billion dirhams) and electronic components (+1.3 billion dirhams).

Textile and leather exports increased by 21.7% to 36.4 billion dirhams, a level close to that of 2019 (36.9 billion dirhams). This development is the result of the increase in sales of ready-made clothing (+4.5 billion dirhams) and knitwear (+1.7 billion dirhams).

For their part, aeronautical exports follow the same trend and increase by 24.5% in 2021. However, the sector is not returning to its pre-crisis level, underlines the Office.

By product, Morocco’s exports are predominated by seven products which account for 55.2% of total exports.

Natural and chemical fertilizers rank first among the products exported in 2021 (15.7%), followed by passenger cars (11.4%) and wires, cables and other insulated conductors for electricity (8.7% ). Coming in fourth position are ready-made clothing (6.9%), ahead of phosphoric acid (6%), crustaceans, molluscs and shellfish (3.5%) and parts of aircraft and other air or space vehicles (3%).




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