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The Peruvian press criticizes the inconsistency of Peruvian diplomacy

The daily La Razon, a large circulation of the Peruvian print media, pinpointed the inconsistencies of Peru’s diplomacy with regard to Morocco after having mortgaged its traditional values ​​and principles to the benefit of the interests of the Sao Paolo Forum.

Under the title: “Beyond the Peru-Morocco match”, the newspaper takes advantage of the context of the meeting which will oppose the two national teams next Tuesday in Madrid to underline the “good will” of the Moroccan authorities after having accepted that the eleven national, fourth in the world, plays against the Peruvian team, which occupies the 21st place in the FIFA rankings.

Recalling the “strong friendship that united the two countries until recently”, La Razon deplores the decision of the deposed president, Pedro Castillo, to recognize the pseudo-SADR, criticizing the attitude of his “henchmen, including Manuel Rodríguez Cuadros, Óscar Maúrtua and César Landa, who tarnished the image of Peru and isolated it, obeying the interests of the Sao Paulo Forum and imposing their personal ideology on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, without taking into account its traditional foreign policy , its values ​​and its principles”.

They covered with “ridiculousness” the diplomatic prestige of Peru by “recognizing a non-existent republic, attacking the territorial integrity of Morocco and destroying the positive neutrality that we had in the United Nations, and where Morocco’s autonomy plan for his Sahara is considered a ‘serious, credible and realistic proposal’”.

For the author of the article, Ricardo Sanchez Serra, the current Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ana Cecilia Gervasi, “continues the stupidity of her predecessors”, by maintaining this decision, which constitutes “not only a serious error, but a lack of respect for the dignity of a country”.

For Morocco, things are clear: its friendly countries are those that respect its territorial integrity and support its national cause, the newspaper recalls.

La Razon relates in this context the recent visit to the United States of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Living Abroad, Nasser Bourita. During this trip, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken underlined “the close ties between the two countries as major geopolitical allies”.

Blinken also underlined Morocco’s important role in guaranteeing stability and security in North Africa and in troubled areas of the African continent, plagued by instability and terrorism, the newspaper added, emphasizing American support for the Moroccan proposal in the Sahara which is just as important.

For La Razon, “that’s playing politics in the big leagues, while Peru is content with trifles, small things and prefers to live in isolation”.

In conclusion, the newspaper “hopes that the Peru-Morocco football match will be a light that will enlighten our leaders and that the two countries will win”.



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