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The parties in loss of political balance advocate the crisis

The National Rally of Independents (RNI) had promised to respond to the open letter from the Party for Progress and Socialism (PPS) on the government’s “laxity” in the management of public affairs, and it’s done!

Believing that the PPS addressed the Executive under its partisan cap even though it was addressing a constitutional institution, the RNI responded through its political office, therefore also its partisan quality, not that of the formation that directs the Majority to business.

And it is in the language of direct escalation, that the RNI has attacked the criticisms of the PPS concerning the management of the rising prices crisis. “Certain parties which have lost their electoral and political capital have begun to carry out media campaigns to advocate the crisis and to engage in political manipulation of social conditions which they know, above all others, that they sometimes escape all control and any governmental will”, asserted the RNI.

The party of the Dove pointed out in this regard that its response to the “Comrades of Benabdallah” comes in respect of its convictions as a “serious and responsible political formation”, despite the “inaccuracies, superficial readings and conclusions for the less irresponsible” of the open letter of the PPS, in “total ignorance of its objectives, its repercussions, and above all its gravity”.

In this sense, the RNIsts expressed their rejection and condemnation of the style and words used, such as “indifference” and “irresponsibility”, which only “lower the level of political discourse supposed to be that of serious political parties, and denote a behavior well below the expectations of the Moroccan citizen”.

“It is incomprehensible for a party to resort to ‘heresy’, at a time when the ‘constitution provides all parties with constitutional and institutional tools allowing them to take an active and constructive part in the action of control, of legislation, and evaluation of public policies within the constitutional institutions concerned”, argued the RNIstes.

And to recall that its president had more than once expressed the openness of the majority and the government to all political currents, whether opposition or majority, and had even previously met all the opposition parties . But it is clear, underlines the text, that the PPS “did not want to take the trouble to accomplish its political duty within the framework of the institutions and the respect of the laws.

The PPS “preferred to empty the responsible opposition of its meaning, and to surf on artificial waves, to convey a message resembling an electoral and electoral campaign, far from constitutional norms and political norms”, further indicated the communiqué of the RNI.

He also notes that the patri sui leads the majority in government “is open to the participatory and constitutional approach in the development of public policies”, and “those who believe that the RNI, who leads the government in the person of its president, will submit to suspicious maneuvers wanting to dictate to him what to do and what to avoid, and will accept the lessons of those who assume responsibility for the management of vital sectors in the areas of water, health, employment and housing, and urban policy”.

For the RNI, “the constitutional and political legitimacy of the government is not a gift, but was conferred by the ballot box during the ballot of September 8, 2021 and thanks to the achievements made by the government through a majority coherent parliamentary structure, based on the government program, which determines priorities, commitments, policies and public decisions”.

“While it is legitimate to challenge the government, and to demand more social decisions, and this of course if the intention is indeed to do so with full responsibility, it is manifestly unfair to deny everything that the Executive has undertaken in a year and a half, since it has been in place, in accordance with the King’s directives, the expectations of Moroccans and the aspirations of the new development model, particularly in the social field, and this despite an exceptional context and difficult that our country is going through,” noted the RNI.

After reviewing the various achievements in various sectors, the RNI warned that “any attempt to imply that the government does not care about the living conditions of citizens is a blatant and manifest allegation by political parties that have been punished by Moroccans for the result of their failure in the management of sensitive sectors, and they have not succeeded, and who continue to try to persuade voters to give them the opportunity to return to business”.

“In the difficult context in which we live, the surrounding threats and the campaigns that target our country, we are not allowed to lose ourselves in conjecture or waste time in sterile and fruitless polemics”, affirms the RNI.



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