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The Palestinian cause at the center of a serene, discreet and effective royal diplomacy

The Palestinian cause was and still remains at the center of the concerns of King Mohammed VI, Chairman of the Al-Quds Committee, who adopts a serene, discreet and effective diplomatic approach, far from the spotlight, in order to support the Palestinian cause, alleviate the suffering of the people. Palestinians and enable them to lead an independent and dignified life.

Morocco has always renewed, under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, its full solidarity with the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, founded on international legitimacy and on the basis of the two-state solution agreed by the international community, which leads to the establishment of an independent Palestinian state on the borders of June 4, 1967, with Al-Quds-East as its capital.

This solidarity and this constant and serious support of the Kingdom of Morocco for the Palestinian cause are not governed by any political agenda. In addition to the stability of the King’s position, which is the subject of international appreciation and praise, the Kingdom remains convinced of the centrality of the Palestinian cause because it is a central issue in the Middle East, and remains among the priorities of the international community.

Starting from this point of view, the King, placing the Palestinian question on the same level as the question of the Moroccan Sahara, wishes to deploy tireless efforts at the political, diplomatic and field levels in order to support and support the Palestinian people, as well than to preserve the special status of the city of Al-Quds Acharif.

One of the strongest diplomatic initiatives that truly reflects the place occupied by the Palestinian cause in the priorities of the Kingdom is the direct mediation of Morocco under the leadership of the King, which led to the decision of the Israeli authorities to open the Allenby border post between the West Bank and Jordan permanently.

This initiative with important and noble humanitarian dimensions, which embodies the extent to which the Palestinian cause is a constant source of concern for the King, as well as the Sovereign’s concern to improve the living conditions of the Palestinians, will contribute to alleviating the suffering of the Palestinians. in their movement to Jordan and from there to the rest of the countries of the world, and thus preserve their dignity, their rights and their freedom.

The Palestinians welcomed this initiative with great satisfaction and expressed their gratitude to Morocco and to His Majesty the King for the charitable and humanitarian projects carried out by the Kingdom to support the Palestinian people, considering that the opening of this passage constitutes a step in the right direction that could bring great relief to the Palestinian citizens given the suffering they suffered due to the closure of the crossing, the only one connecting the West Bank to the world.

Morocco’s constant support, under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, of Al-Quds and the Palestinian cause is not limited only to the diplomatic level, but also extends to field work through the Bayt Agency. Mal Al-Quds Acharif, the executive arm of the Al-Quds Committee, under the personal and effective supervision of His Majesty the King, and of which Morocco bears around 86% of its annual budget.

The human dimension has remained strongly present in Morocco’s concern for the Palestinian cause, which is confirmed by the efforts made by the Bayt Mal Al-Quds Acharif Agency for the protection of Arab and Islamic rights in the Holy City through the support and funding programs and projects, particularly in social areas such as health, education and housing, which have contributed to significantly improving the lives of Palestinians and preserving the religious and cultural heritage of the Holy City .

These projects consist, among other things, in sponsoring Maqdessi orphans and providing them with regular financial support in order to support the resistance of the Maqdessis, to bring up their children in an appropriate manner, to take care of their orphans to protect them from delinquency, to improve their financial, social and moral living conditions, and to distribute aid in the form of food rations, particularly during the month of Ramadan.

It is also about the rehabilitation and maintenance of damaged schools, their equipment and their endowment with a set of materials to help Palestinian children to continue their studies in good conditions that preserve their dignity, in addition to taking care people with disabilities by providing them with significant support in terms of equipment and by setting the date of April 12 each year as the annual meeting place for people with disabilities.

The cultural aspect also occupies an important place in the activities of the Agency, and this is reflected in particular in the allocation of a grant aimed at encouraging religious and cultural dialogue between peoples and religions in the city of Al -Qods. The Agency’s efforts are devoted to raising awareness of the importance of pluralism and commitment to human rights, in addition to developing awareness among young people and commitment to society and Peace.

On the entertainment side, he is present in the Agency’s activities through the summer camps it organizes for the benefit of maqdessis children, whether in Al-Quds or Morocco. Agreements were signed this year to support the camping program in Al-Quds for the benefit of 13 maqdessies associations and a total of 3,000 children and beneficiaries aged 6 to 16. Through this initiative, the Agency aims to ensure a healthy environment and spaces adapted to the Maqdessi child in order to sharpen their personality and develop their experience, and aspires to broaden, in the future, its field of support to include dozens of camps.

The Kingdom of Morocco continues to work to invest its historic and important role in the Palestinian cause and the distinguished relations it maintains with all active international parties and powers, in order to guarantee favorable conditions for the resumption of negotiations between the parties. Palestinians and Israelis, as the only way to ensure security and stability in the Middle East.




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