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The Oriental will soon become an important engine of development in Morocco

The Oriental region will soon become one of Morocco’s major development locomotives thanks to its new infrastructures, in particular the Nador West Med mega project, said the Minister of Industry and Trade, Ryad Mezzour.

Speaking on Saturday in Oujda, during the 5th edition of Meet the Lead, organized from July 21 to 23 under the high patronage of King Mohammed VI by the Startup Grow Foundation under the theme: “Be Part of the Future”, Ryad Mezzour underlined the growing interest of investors for the development of this region, with the forthcoming signing of several agreements aimed at creating 3,500 direct and 5,000 indirect jobs.

Promising projects capable of generating more than 10,000 direct jobs and 15,000 indirect jobs will be created over the coming months, in addition to the major projects planned by the Ministry of Trade and Industry to support the opening of the large port of Nador, a- he added.

The Minister noted that this forum is of great importance because it demonstrates the dynamics of development in the Oriental region as well as the capacities and skills it abounds in, specifying that this region has produced great skills which are respected and appreciated by national and international levels.

He assured that the structures of the ministry, at the central and regional levels, will continue their coordination with the Regional Investment Center (CRI) and other partners, in order to support the entrepreneurial initiative and finance more industrial projects in the region. , calling on the various players and officials in the region to act to establish the appropriate investment climate and support project promoters.

For their part, the participants in this meeting highlighted the various development projects underway in the region and the efforts made to achieve the expected development.

In this regard, the wali of the Oriental region, governor of the Oujda-Angad prefecture, Mouad Jamai, highlighted the potential of the region and the efforts made by the various actors to strengthen local economic development with a view to to increase the competitiveness of the Oriental region locally and internationally, calling for the intensification of efforts to strengthen the influence of the Oriental region at the national level.

Mouad Jamai assured that the various provinces of the region have worked to develop a set of programs and projects capable of advancing the digital field, in order to keep pace with the evolutions and transformations that the sector is experiencing at the national level. and internationally.

For his part, the president of Mohamed 1er University of Oujda, Yassine Zaghloul indicated that this establishment supports training in the digital field, by training 1,000 students each year in several sectors allowing them to directly integrate the labor market.

In the same context, the President of the Council of the Oriental region, Abdenbi Baâoui welcomed the meetings held within the framework of this forum in Nador and Oujda, stressing that the digital sector is one of the highest priorities. of the board during this mandate.

He explained that the Council has signed a set of agreements with the Ministry in charge of Digital Transition and Administrative Reform, the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication as well as the Mohammed 1st University in this field, specifying that the first project will see the light of day in the coming weeks and will allow the creation of more than 500 jobs.




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