The opposition criticizes the “useless” remarks of Emmanuel Macron

The opposition criticizes the “useless” remarks of Emmanuel Macron

Several French opposition parties have denounced the “vacuum” and “banality” of the televised intervention of President Emmanuel Macron, who spoke on Monday to close the “hundred days of appeasement and action”, invoked on April 17.

“Mr. President, words no longer impress given the gravity of the situation. They are useless. The French demand action. To actions! “, proclaimed, on Twitter, the president of the Republicans, Eric Ciotti.

“The ridiculous President. Presidential speech reaches heights of banality and vacuity. Political impotence is no longer possible. The challenges are too great. Too urgent. Far from small adjustments and haggling, everything must be rebuilt, ”lamented, for his part, the deputy Les Républicains Aurélien Pradié.

The spokesman of the French Communist Party, Ian Brossat, for his part, wrote on Twitter: “A soothing interview, from a sidereal void, a President of the Republic, ‘guarantor of our institutions’ and unable to recall the basics: the separation of powers in the face of senior police officials who trample it under foot. Distressing “.

“The President of the Republic has drawn nothing in terms of authority! He has been there for 6 years and he still does not have the outline of a solution to restore order, despite the riots of exceptional gravity, ”noted the deputy of the National Rally, Sébastien Chenu.

“Let’s stick to ‘Liberty Equality Fraternity’. Thank you, ”tweeted the first secretary of the Socialist Party, Olivier Faure, in reaction to the triptych chanted by the French president.

In the spring, after the promulgation of the very controversial pension reform, Emmanuel Macron had given himself a hundred days of “appeasement, unity and action” to allow the country to return “to calm” and was to at the end of this period (formally, the cycle therefore ends on July 26) take stock of three priority projects (work, justice and republican order, progress for better living).

Macron, whose government does not have an absolute majority in the National Assembly, has multiplied missteps from the start of his second five-year term. His decried pension reform, finally adopted on March 20 without a vote, pushed at least hundreds of thousands of people into the streets every week for several months.

At the end of June, Nahel, 17, was killed at point-blank range by a police officer during a traffic check. Riots and urban violence followed in 500 municipalities across France.


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