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the opponent Karim Tabbou placed under judicial control

The Algerian opponent and political activist, Karim Tabbou, was placed on Thursday under judicial supervision, two days after his arrest by plainclothes agents, according to an Algerian NGO.

The ex-prisoner of opinion and figure of the popular protest movement of Hirak was presented, Thursday morning, before the prosecutor near the court of Koléa (north), then before the investigating judge, who decided to place him under judicial control, specifies the Algerian Committee for the release of prisoners of conscience (CNLD) in a post, noting that the party which carried out its arrest remains unknown.

Quoted by the CNLD, Karim Tabbou’s lawyer, Me Toufik Belala, had denounced the violations of the rights of his client, who is currently at home, during the procedure for his arrest and his continued custody in a place secret.

The coordinator of the Democratic and Social Union, a party not approved by the Algerian authorities, was arrested on Tuesday in Algiers by plainclothes agents without being informed of the reasons for this arrest.

Tabbou has been arrested several times since the start of Hirak in 2019 and imprisoned between September 2019 and July 2020. He was sentenced to one year in prison in March 2020 and to one year in prison suspended in November of the same year in two separate cases.

The UDS coordinator was arrested in August 2022 in Ifri (north) before being released. On April 29 of the same year, Karim Tabbou was placed under judicial control by the court of Bir Mourad Raïs (Algiers), following a complaint lodged against him by Bouzid Lazhari, then president of the Algerian Human Rights Council ( CNDH).

As a reminder, a large wave of arrests is being carried out against many activists, journalists and human rights defenders in Algeria where fundamental freedoms and human rights continue to be ignored, violated and deliberately undermined.

According to human rights organizations, some 300 prisoners of conscience languish, some for more than three years and without the slightest trial, in Algerian jails.



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