The OMDH without taboo to reform the Family Code

The OMDH without taboo to reform the Family Code

The Casablanca branch of the Moroccan Organization for Human Rights (OMDH) organized a round table on Friday, April 7 under the theme “For a complete revision of the Family Code that can answer the question of equality“.

We were treated to renowned speakers, members of the OMDH moreover like Fatna Serhane university professor, Abdelkabir Tabih lawyer, Nezha Guessous associative activist and Saadia Saadi who contributed to the success of this meeting .

One will have noticed in the assistance composed in its great majority of men, the presence of Boubker Largot, former president of the OMDH who gave up his place last May during the congress of the Organization to Hassan Idrissi. The OMDH section of Casablanca through its president, Mourad Hamdani gave him a distinction for the services rendered to the cause just like to Fatna Serhane, moreover.

The presentation that was presented during this meeting focused on the various Moroccan laws of the Family Code and which were dissected politically, religiously, socially and even economically. Indeed, despite significant advances in women’s rights since 2004, many forms of discrimination persist and which, at least this Friday in Casablanca, we promised to eliminate.

There was also talk, and without taboo, of religious obstacles which create obstacles and delay the evolution and improvement of the Family Code (inheritance, divorce, marriage of minors, property acquired during married life… well, the whole panoply claimed and which divides reformists and conservatives).

The speakers consider however that for this purpose, the debate is biased, because it is a principle of the Koran, even if they maintain that the religious jurisprudences are not static terms. And to part with this bitter observation, namely that mentalities must absolutely change in order to be able to change something in this affair and which, more than ever, is topical.


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