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The new range of REALME seen by Vogue Arabia

At Paris Fashion Week, the REALME 9 Pro caught the eye with a bold statement. Created in 2018, this range of smartphones has been one of the fastest growing in the world and has disrupted the market by making advanced technologies more accessible.

Vogue Arabia has looked back on the success of this brand which today brings technological innovation to its global user base of more than 100 million.

Being the first smartphone brand to debut at the event, the REALME 9 Pro shone during Paris Fashion Week. Vogue Arabia explains that the REALME brand has remained true to itself by offering young consumers an avant-garde design with high-end specifications and quality and sleek structures with eye-catching colors, in addition to its affordable price.

For lovers of the trend and lifestyle tech devices, Vogue Arabia highlights the innovation adopted by the brand in the design of its REALME 9 Pro series.

The brand has thus adopted a unique and innovative Light Shift design, with an eye-catching bright blue, which lives up to its name of “ Sunrise Blue“, explains Vogue Arabia, noting that the smartphone comes to life when exposed to natural light. Normal, since it was inspired by the rays of the sun as Vogue recalls, going from blue to red, thanks to its photochromic technology, which is years ahead of its time.

In addition to the dazzling stardust hybrid overlay, Vogue Arabia clarifies that this is indeed REALME’s first 3-layer grain process. All three colors, the magazine continues, use a revolutionary 3-coat process that creates a stardust effect and stunning color-filled shine with a vibrant vertical beam that shines from every angle.

Apart from the lightweight design, Vogue Arabia highlights the offerings of REALME 9 Pro+ which brings users the very first flagship Sony IMX766 OIS camera with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) technology with super large sensor size 1 / 1.56 and a large pixel area that offers some of the features typically found in higher-end models. What we remember is the good photo quality that we can have with this new smartphone which boldly imposed itself during Paris Fashion Week.




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