The new Hyundai i20 sets new benchmarks in the city car segment

A novelty at Hyundai at the start of the year, with the all-new I20 more attractive than ever. Since its launch in 2018, the Hyundai i20 has met with real success in Morocco. One of the brand’s most popular models, New i20 is synonymous with quality, reliability and convenience. To these key assets, the new i20 adds a new and more dynamic style.

Revolutionary exterior design

The New i20 arrives with a new sporty and urban exterior design: The resolutely elegant character of the New i20 is enhanced by its dynamically profiled front and rear bumpers, as well as by its new grille. Seen from the side, it stands out for its dynamic proportions and its wedge-shaped style, which are accentuated by a strong main line on the sides and by the exclusive design of the C-pillar. In addition, the completely redesigned visual signature of the headlamps helps to establish a perfect junction between the sides and the stern, accentuating the width and the seat of the new i20. The combination of these different stylistic attributes reflects the modernity of its design, while providing a real impression of refinement to its driver.

A sleek interior design for unparalleled comfort

A completely redesigned interior that is in perfect harmony with the exterior personality of the car. The new i20 has a sleek interior design, with a high dashboard and integrated ambient lighting, giving it a feeling of space within the driving position. One of the most striking interior attributes are the new horizontal blades running the full length of the instrument panel.

Particular attention to detail has been paid to the interior of the new i20 using high-quality materials that cover the surfaces, with a very ergonomic well-recessed center console. The 8” touch screen and the 10.25” digital speedometer which creates a modern and connected environment for the driver. While displaying all the multimedia features including Android Auto & Apple CarPlay.

State-of-the-art safety for worry-free journeys

Safety has always been a priority for Hyundai. Something that is also found in the all-new i20 which is equipped with a system of six optimized airbags. This system prevents occupants of the front seats from bumping into each other in the event of a collision, reducing the risk of serious injury. Also equipped with electronic stability control which helps to maintain control of the vehicle, especially when you have to steer or brake suddenly to avoid an obstacle or when the road is slippery, the hill start assistance (HAC) is also an element important safety With an automated device that prevents vehicles from rolling backwards or stalling when starting on an incline, the all-new i20 gives you state-of-the-art safety for unprecedented peace of mind. For you and your loved ones.

Rewarding performance and powertrain

The new i20 is available with a 1.4 liter MPi 4-cylinder petrol engine producing 100 hp. for a torque of 13.6/4000Nm and a 6-speed manual gearbox. It is also available with the 6-speed automatic transmission which provides ease of gear changing and driving comfort similar to an automatic transmission. Compared to a conventional automatic transmission, the automated manual gearbox offers increased efficiency thanks to its lighter weight and reduced friction. Its optimized capabilities allow for a powerful and smooth ride while at the same time ensuring an unparalleled dynamic experience.

Customers of the new i20 will be able to choose between 7 exterior colours, with the possibility of opting for a two-tone finish. : Dark grey, Black, Blue-two-tone black, Red two-tone black, Bronze two-tone black, White two-tone black, silver gray two-tone black
The new i20 is to be discovered in Hyundai Morocco showrooms with an exclusive launch offer from 966dhs per month with 0% credit, to continue writing together the historic success of this car Soon, even more new products will be announced for the delight of the public.



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