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The new decree at the service of improving living conditions

The draft decree n° 2.23.103 relating to the granting of the permit for the regulation of non-regulatory constructions aims to increase the number of beneficiaries in order to improve the living environment of the citizens, affirmed, this Tuesday, May 2, the Minister National Territorial Planning, Urban Planning, Housing and Politics, Fatima Ezzahra El Mansouri.

Asked about the situation of non-regulatory constructions during the weekly plenary session devoted to oral questions, the government spokesman, Mustapha Baitas, speaking on behalf of Fatima Ezzahra El Mansouri, recalled the development of draft decree n ° 2.23 .103 relating to the granting of the regulatory permit to this type of construction, which was approved by the Council of Government on Thursday, April 20, 2023.

This draft decree, continues the Minister, is part of the efforts of the public authorities aimed at combating the proliferation of non-regulatory constructions, by once again authorizing the regularization of these buildings and their integration into the urban fabric, but also by contributing to the treatment of accumulated urban infringements.

He explains that this draft decree aims to extend the deadline for filing regularization files for non-regulatory constructions for a period of 2 additional years, from the date of publication of the decree in the Official Bulletin. This project will also make it possible to open up the possibility of the regularization of non-regulatory construction even in the event of the existence of an infraction, which will be beneficial to a large number of citizens, adds the spokesperson.

In addition, Baitas specifies that the regularization permit is issued after the study of the request by the specialized commissions, noting that the constructions concerned are those whose works are carried out without the prior obtaining of this permit as well as the buildings whose work was completed after obtaining a permit without having complied with the provisions of the documents and documents on the basis of which the said permit was issued.

According to the ministry’s response, this permit will allow citizens to have access to a legal status and therefore make their constructions regulatory, to create a new investment movement based on stability and legal certainty, to improve the professional framework and the urban landscape of the city and to recover part of the territorial collectivities.

It should be recalled that the regularization permit for non-regulatory constructions is part of the new authorizations provided for by Law No. 12.90 relating to town planning as amended and supplemented by Law No. 66.12 relating to the control and repression of offenses relating to town planning and construction.

Urban planning documents: 83% of local authorities covered

The Minister also indicated that the town planning documents cover 83% of the local authorities, within the framework of the “ambitious” program relating to the reinforcement of the territorial offer intended for investment.

During 2022, 25 urban development master plans were approved, including 7 in the process of being approved, as well as 106 new urban planning documents, including 72 development plans and 34 rural agglomeration development plans, and 15 development plans for large cities that “suffered from the absence of these documents for decades”, she said.

And to add that within the framework of the adoption of a global vision and a participative approach with the urban agencies, contracts of objectives for the year 2023 had been agreed, and it is planned, according to the documents of town planning, that more than 830,000 hectares will be opened as activity zones and more than 20,000 hectares will be opened as project zones, in addition to the elaboration of a new generation of town planning documents, the preparation of a study of the outstanding files and the generalization of the a priori study of files.

Before 2022, more than 100 project files including 20% ​​of large projects were examined and 42% of them were approved with an investment amount of 53.6 billion dirhams, she noted, noting that the ministry is currently working on updating the legal framework based on the results of the recent national dialogue.



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