The National Library launches its digital platform “Kitab”

The National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco (BNRM) has launched its new digital platform “Kitab”, allowing visitors to consult the most recent national publications.

A press release from the BNRM specifies that this platform, accessible via “”, will make it possible to consult national publications, whether they are published in 2020 or those that will be published soon.

The digital platform also offers the possibility of downloading a national digital bibliography, in the Arabic and French languages, from 1968 to 2020, which will allow visitors to access the history of Moroccan publications (encyclopedias, books and media publications ).

Considered as a virtual space bringing together the different players in the field, “Kitab” will allow publishers to make their publications known and readers and researchers to keep in touch with all the novelties of the book market, as it will allow them to get to know writers better. Moroccans through their bibliographies.

And the press release to explain that the launch of the platform, part of the digitalization dynamic initiated by the Kingdom, supports the BNRM’s strategy aimed at strengthening its positioning, as a cultural leader, at the national level. and continental.

As part of its participatory approach, the BNRM provides stakeholders in the field with the electronic address [email protected], reserved for suggestions and information relating to published books and bibliographies of Moroccan writers who wish to integrate the “Kitab” project.

The BNRM specifies to this end that a press conference aiming at the presentation of this project will be organized next Thursday, in order to bring together publishers and media of the various projects programmed for the cultural season 2021/2022, in particular those related to digitization and to the national bibliography.



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