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The Nadar Gallery hosts the exhibition of paintings by Amine Bennis

“Time Suspended”, the new exhibition of paintings by artist Amine Bennis, will be in the spotlight from May 11 to 31 at the Nadar Gallery in Casablanca.

Trained as an engineer, Amine Bennis is a self-taught painter. After spending a year at the Academy of Visual Arts in Brussels, he returned permanently to Morocco in 2003. In 2005, he directed the short film “Casa by Love”, Special Jury Prize at the Tangier National Film Festival, which remains until today the most viewed short film on the Net in Morocco.

He also participates in several individual and collective exhibitions, notably in Morocco, France and Belgium. From 2012, he also embarked on the production of murals in Casablanca to accompany a booming urban art. A desire on his part to break the codes of human representation to highlight what is disturbing
The artist lives and works in Casablanca

Amine Bennis paints with spontaneity the human that he takes pleasure in deforming, deconstructing while keeping it united, through color, looks and the strength of the line. He has always sought a graphic language where color takes shape. His paintings question the spirits, and also nourish the dreams of a free, spontaneous and sincere expression. Some people may perceive in the paintings of Amine Bennis, a naive touch.

Nevertheless, this simplicity is often intentional to create a playful and joyful aesthetic in his works. It should also be noted that the artist is not limited to any particular style or aesthetic, and his works can vary widely in color, form and technique. Overall, Amine Bennis is a versatile and innovative artist who has succeeded in creating a unique and recognizable style that transcends cultural and geographical boundaries.

For his part, Amine Bennis from Galerie Nadar explained that the “Time suspended” exhibition is an opportunity for me to share my latest artistic research with the public, while continuing to question the boundaries between abstraction and figuration. What matters to me is to deal with the subject of painting itself, the one that is realized before our eyes with a raw and spontaneous approach. The mystery of painting is for me this impulse of the present moment where precisely space and matter intersect, so that the magic operates and that time suspends its flight.

Searching for meaning also means warding off, with a nervous gesture, the time that passes inexorably. The characters appear and disappear gradually in an infinite tangle.

“Time suspended” is nevertheless a hymn to life, because painting takes us out of our torpor. She questions our intimacy and confronts us with our own contradictions.



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