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The municipality of Casablanca obliges waste companies to use water from springs

Water stress in Morocco is today one of the major concerns of the country. Dam exhausted, drought and climate change, Morocco has been forced to take urgent and concrete measures and review its policy for managing its water resources in order to avoid a possible disaster.

In Casablanca, the municipality has more or less reacted to the lack of water in the city. It thus obliged the two delegated management companies for urban cleanliness and the management of household and similar waste, Averda and Derichbourg, to clean their trucks and containers, as well as the streets with water from the springs.

Thus, sources of MoroccoLatestNews confirmed that the two companies in question had started to use the water sources, in order to avoid a large consumption of drinking water, following the warnings of the Ministry of the Interior to rationalize the use of this vital substance .

One of its urban cleanliness companies has also become dependent on water from one of the sources located in Ain Diab, while the other uses water extracted from a source in Sidi Bernoussi.

In this regard, Moulay Ahmed Afilal, deputy mayor of Casablanca, Nabila Rmili, in charge of the hygiene sector, explained that ” the municipality, within the framework of the rationalization of the use of water, and in interaction with the recent circular of the Ministry of the Interior, imposed on the delegated companies not to use drinking water to wash and clean their vehicles“.

In a statement toMoroccoLatestNewsthe Deputy Mayor recalled that “the city of Casablanca has several water sources, distributed at the level of the different districts and which have begun to be exploited, in particular the sources of Sidi Bernoussi and Ain Diab, which would reduce the use of potable water in such operations», and why not in the watering of green spaces.

Still according to the deputy mayor in charge of the management of the hygiene and green spaces sector, the Casablanca city council is working on a study with a view to exploiting the different sources of water available to remedy the shortage of water, despite the fact that many of them are buried, while others go directly into the sea without being able to benefit from them, he noted.

Likewise, the official pointed out that the Casablanca City Council is working in coordination with the competent authorities to dig some wells in the provinces in order to use them for watering green spaces instead of using drinking water, in part of the rationalization of the use of this substance.

It should be recalled that the municipality of Casablanca had denied in an update, the information that circulated on social networks about the holding of a meeting on Monday, July 25 on the measures to be taken to deal with water stress. , in particular the question of cutting off drinking water from 11 p.m. to 8 a.m. and the freezing of the activities of certain trades which essentially depend on water.

The municipality which denied its information “devoid of any basis” according to her, reminded the people of Casablanca in a clarification that, “Faced with the very critical water situation characterized by very low filling rates of the dams in the majority of the hydraulic basins of Morocco, it is imperative to fight against the waste of water, and to refrain from any form of waste in order to preserve water resources and ensure equitable distribution of this vital commodity“.

The same source also indicated that the services of the city of Casablanca have been working in close collaboration, for more than 3 months, with the Wilaya of the Casablanca region, the Lydec, the hydraulic basin and the external services to set up a strategy for the rational use of water resources which will soon be officially published.




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