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The municipality of Casablanca lynched on the RS for its “exorbitant” prices for slaughter and accommodation

On the occasion of Aid Al Adha 2022, the Municipality of Casablanca, through the SDL Casablanca Prestations, indicated that it provides the slaughtering service for Aid day, at the Abattoirs de Casablanca, located on Boulevard du 10 mars Sidi Othmane.

As in previous years, slaughtering is carried out under hygienic conditions that meet the quality standards recommended by the competent authorities. Casablanca Prestations also offers the accommodation service for animals, in the stables of the Abattoirs, from 48 hours before the day of Aid Al Adha.“, explains the municipality in a press release.

A dedicated system is in place to ensure the sacrifice operation in compliance with the preventive measures introduced as part of the state of health emergency to fight against COVID-19, specifies the same source, noting that the operation is organized within the limit of the slaughter capacity (the number of staff selected will be limited).

Regarding the prices of hisservicesprecious, get ready! The price of slaughter offered by the Municipality of Casablanca is 240 dhs including tax, while accommodation is offered at 24 dhs including tax per night.

Exorbitant prices never offered, even by professionals who offer slaughtering services or animal housing. Indeed, slaughter prices vary between 80 to 200 Dhs depending on the neighborhood and the size of the sheep, while accommodation varies between 15 to 20 Dhs per night, or even less depending on the neighborhood.

After the publication of this announcement on the social networks by the Commune, the Internet users, already reassembled against the rise in prices of several basic necessities and the high cost of living, were unleashed on the comments.

” Lhe prices are not within the reach of the majority of citizens and do not encourage people to visit their slaughterhouses. If the goal is cleanliness, then the price should be much lower to encourage people and avoid dirt in the middle of neighborhoods“Wrote a user on the Save Casablanca page while another wrote:”You have stripped us… We are fed up“.

In a joking tone, another internet user wrote:24 dhs for accommodation, it is full board or half board”while another wrote:We don’t even have enough to buy a sheep, which you are already offering to slaughter… Have pity on the poor citizen“.

For those who hold religion and sacrifice within Islamic standards, they have warned in their comments against sacrifice within its slaughterhouses. Butchers may not scrupulously respect traditions given the high demand.

It is true that the services offered by the Municipality of Casablanca seem reasonable in order to preserve the cleanliness of the metropolis, but the proposed prices remain unreasonable in view of the economic crisis that citizens are going through, and below what is proposed on the market by professionals. In addition, the pleasure of families and small children is when the butcher comes home to slaughter the sheep and the atmosphere that follows.




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