The municipality launches its campaign against disease vectors

The municipality launches its campaign against disease vectors

As every year, and with the approach of the summer season, the municipality of Rabat has allocated a budget of approximately 60 million centimes (600,000 Dh) to fight against disease vectors, in particular insects, rats and the mice.

According to information obtained by MoroccoLatestNews, the financial cost of materials and pesticides used to fight rats, mice and insects in Rabat is estimated annually between 500,000 and 600,000 dirhams. A budget that was approved by previous councils.

In a statement to the press, Fatima Zahra El Fares Al Fahri, head of the health and public safety preservation department of the municipality of Rabat, said that the municipal council, in partnership with the company ” redal“, is in charge of the fight against rats, mice, insects and other disease vectors in the sewerage channels of the capital.

The campaign against disease vectors began last April, by treating black spots such as local markets, cemeteries and abandoned houses, she said, calling on citizens to help the advice to make this operation a success by taking care to throw garbage in the places intended for it and to avoid accumulating debris on the roofs of houses.

In another statement to MoroccoLatestNewsAbdelhak Moujahid, deputy mayor of Rabat, noted that the municipality’s health and public safety preservation department works according to an annual program to carry out numerous campaigns to combat disease vectors.

The municipal council of Rabat has published a brochure explaining to citizens the methods to get rid of mosquitoes during their growth stage, he underlined, specifying that this brochure will be distributed next week to the inhabitants of the capital, and that an awareness campaign on how to get rid of mosquitoes and eliminate them will also be organised.

In response to the criticisms directed against the municipality of Rabat concerning the use of expired products and pesticides, the deputy mayor of the capital refuted these allegations, affirming in this regard that ” the department of public health and safety always makes sure to obtain modern and effective products and pesticides to eliminate insects and rodents during this annual control and disinfection operation.


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