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The municipality calls on the population to make optimal use of water resources

In order to guarantee the right to water and the rational and sustainable use of this vital commodity, the Municipality of Casablanca urges the local population to optimize consumption of available water resources and to resort to all means not to waste them.

The objective being, according to the Municipality of Casablanca, is to cope with the water stress that Morocco is experiencing due to the low rainfall that has led to a shortage of reservoirs from dams and groundwater.

In a press release, the Municipality of Casablanca announces the taking of several measures to deal with water stress. It decided, from August 3, 2022, to prohibit all actions leading to the waste of water, in particular the watering, during the day, of public and private green spaces, the washing of vehicles and machinery with drinking water or by high-pressure water jet, as well as the cleaning, in respect of water pipes, of avenues, streets, public spaces, residential areas and various businesses.

The Commune also announces that it is forbidden to use fire hoses for water supply, splashing water in public roads and wasting waste water when using water points intended to the public.

Also, the Municipality warns that any act contrary to the economy in the use of water will be sanctioned in application of the legal provisions and procedures in force in the matter.




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