The MP welcomes the bold measures of the King

The MP welcomes the bold measures of the King

Morocco, on very high royal instructions, took bold diplomatic measures in response to the act of deliberate desecration of the Holy Quran, a copy of which was recently burned in Sweden, contrary to the european parliamentary institutions And international institutions supposed to defend human rights, believes the Popular Movement Party (MP).

In this regard, and in a text signed by its secretary general, Mohamed Ouzzine, the MP welcomed the bold diplomatic measures taken by the Kingdom on high royal directives. against the heinous crime of which Sweden was recently the scene, consisting in the burning of the Holy Koran. For the MP, it is regrettable that the Swedish government has adopted a position which seems to implicitly condone this disgusting act, considering it to be a matter of freedom of expression.

Thus, the party expresses its full support for the official position of Morocco and strongly condemns this irresponsible provocation, which is not the first of its kind, emanating from a society and a state like Sweden, which nevertheless claims to be a pioneer in the defense of human rights and freedoms, including freedom of belief.

In the same context, the MP denounces the incomprehensible silence marked by the complicity of international institutions for the defense of human rights and European parliamentary institutions in the face of these misadventures with incalculable consequences and these barbaric practices targeting Islam, its symbols and its Holy Book and this, in an explicit violation of its alleged slogans on the dialogue of civilizations and religions and the values ​​of coexistence and tolerance.

This silence and this indifference call into question the credibility of the systematic decisions of these institutions, which are issued only to serve the interests of extremist and racist European lobbies and to serve agendas under the guise of defending human rights while they basically have nothing to do with these rights“, says the party.

In this context, and starting from its firm conviction in the Morocco of institutions and its true and authentic patriotic reference, the Popular Movement aspires that the various institutional mediators take a position with regard to this unacceptable aggression against the constants of the Islam and against the Holy Koran, and crystallize this position in parallel diplomatic steps in accordance with the high royal orientations which consecrate the position of our country as a beacon of the values ​​of coexistence, tolerance, living together and unity in the diversity and the legitimate right to practice religion freely.


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