The Morocco Pavilion announces the main lines of its programming

With 192 countries represented, all united to think about the world of tomorrow, a new chapter in history will be written at Expo 2020 Dubai, the first to be organized in a country in the Middle East, Africa, Asia region. South (MEASA) and which will take place over 6 months from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. Morocco will be there to share its strategic vision of a more sustainable global future.

Located in the heart of the Opportunity District, near the United Arab Emirates pavilion and not far from Al Wasl Plaza, central monument of the Expo 2020 Dubai site, the Morocco Pavilion will offer, in addition to a permanent exhibition, an artistic and cultural program. , economic and scientific varied, rich and inspiring. Under the theme “Legacies for the future, from inspiring origins towards sustainable progress”, Morocco’s participation in Expo 2020 Dubai is designed to invite visitors to (re) discover the Kingdom, its history, its identity, its talents. , but also its tangible achievements in various fields.

Through three major themes, the Morocco Pavilion will show the world the Kingdom’s commitment to the future of the Planet; the wealth of a country with its strong talents, from here and elsewhere; and the dynamic of progress in which Morocco is part.

A pavilion, a route, life experiences

With the objective of providing the visitor with a unique experience, the Permanent Exhibition of Morocco within its Pavilion is designed as a promenade, with doors opening onto 13 rooms. Each of them constitutes an original space, playing on the effect of surprise produced by the elements presented which offer as many opportunities to (re) discover Morocco and the strong continuity linking its past, its present and the future. ‘it builds itself.

Each door that opens will give the visitor a (new) facet of Morocco to see and experience: its mobility and its dynamic of progress (through the Meet your Eldest, Moroccan Explorers, Movement, Visit rooms.

Morocco, Connections & Development, Reveal Africa, Moroccan Artists) to its commitment to the future of the Planet (Bubble of Life, Argan Stories, Plants Power, Release the Energies rooms).

This tour, which differs from a classic museum tour, plunges the visitor into a strong immersive experience, sometimes interactive, sometimes playful, involving the body and not just the mind, so as to reach all audiences.
For the youngest, the Morocco Pavilion offers an innovative game experience, in augmented reality, which invites them to search for a certain number of clues and to solve new puzzles.

A showcase for the destination Morocco, land of investment and innovation

Also presenting itself as a player in global renewal, Morocco will deploy a program of scientific and economic events around the main themes selected by Expo 2020 Dubai, inside its Pavilion but also in various spaces made available within of the Expo 2020 Dubai site.

Climate, sustainable development, logistics, infrastructure, industrial acceleration, agricultural strategy, tourism, finance, African cooperation … will be the themes addressed during conferences, workshops and dedicated professional meetings, in the presence of the main actors of the Moroccan economy: institutions, public and private companies.

Beyond the 10 thematic weeks developed by the Organizers, Morocco has undertaken to create within its programming a week dedicated to the Kingdom, in partnership with the CGEM and AMDIE, to present its potential and highlight its international attractiveness. as a global hub for investing.

This week, which will take place from October 10 to 16, 2021, will focus on a program of scientific and business events that will highlight a modern and connected Morocco, and enhance the Kingdom’s investment opportunities as well as its development dynamics. economic and human, sustainable and inclusive for future generations.

A delegation of private and public Moroccan operators will be present as part of this week dedicated to the Kingdom. Dynamic panels will deal with specific subjects and will cover all sectors and their evolution, in order to best reflect the economic sphere of the country.

Examples of key events during Morocco week:

The launch of the “Morocco Now” brand internationally by AMDIE on Sunday, October 10, which will also mark the launch of the week placed under the sign of investment in Morocco;

Several thematic conferences will be proposed and carried by institutions such as AMDIE for the industry and digital sector, SMIT for tourism investments, Masen for the renewable energy sector, ADA for the agricultural sector, CFC for the financial sector, the Africa commission of the CGEM for African cooperation… These sessions will involve a set of leading Moroccan actors and speakers.

The session, which will focus on the economic impacts of port, rail and road logistics infrastructure, is scheduled for October 14 at 3 p.m.

Morocco week coincides with the holding of the Global Business Forum Africa from October 13 to 14, 2021, of which the Kingdom, as the second African investor on the continent, is a key partner. Organized by Expo 2020 Dubai in collaboration with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, this Forum will be a platform for meetings and exchanges around the investment opportunities offered by the African continent.

Examples of key events that will take place during the month of October to showcase economic and scientific advances

The major achievements of Morocco in the fields of renewable energies and energy transition will be presented during the Climate and Biodiversity Week scheduled from October 03 to 09, 2021. Morocco will be represented in this event by major national players in the sector : Masen, NAREVA Holding, IRESEN, AMEE and ONEE, etc.

The cultivation of the argan tree and the role of this endemic tree as a pillar of Morocco in sustainable development will be presented by ADA, ANDZOA and UCFA. Madame Jamila Idbourrous, president of UCFA, the first union of women’s cooperatives in Morocco, will also speak at the Women’s Pavilion on October 7, 2021 in order to highlight the role of cooperatives in the empowerment of women and their role in structuring of a modern social and solidarity economy.

The Moroccan initiative Zelij Invent will be exhibited on October 07 at The Good Place Pavilion created by Expo Dubai 2020 to highlight the exploits of international inventors in the fields of recycling, sustainable development and biodiversity.

Another opportunity to promote gender equality, defended by the Kingdom, in one of the most specialized fields: the intervention of the astronomer, researcher and explorer Merieme Chadid within the Women’s Pavilion organized by Expo 2020 Dubai during the Week of space, from October 17 to 23, which will highlight the extent of the opportunities offered by the space economy.

Events of the same importance will continue throughout the 6 months of this economic and scientific program which will give the country great visibility, and position it on the various subjects that refer to the major challenges of our time, in a spirit of sharing and cooperation with all Expo 2020 Dubai stakeholders. Morocco will take part in nearly 90 events as an organizer, speaker or participant, as part of the different thematic weeks.

An unprecedented global platform, Expo 2020 Dubai promotes the creation and strengthening of partnerships, access to new markets and the development of investments. Equipped with a dedicated VIP lounge, a gourmet restaurant and event spaces, the Morocco Pavilion will also be a privileged place for B2B meetings and will host bilateral events between institutional and economic decision-makers from all over the world.

A rich artistic and cultural program

In parallel with the economic and scientific program, the Morocco Pavilion will offer, within its Pavilion and in the various spaces of Expo 2020 Dubai, an artistic and cultural program of great diversity. This program aims to reflect the cultural and economic dynamics of Morocco as well as the diversity of its tangible and intangible heritage. Several highlights will punctuate the 6 months, with the highlight of the National Day, December 26, 2021, the date on which Morocco will be in the spotlight at Expo 2020 Dubai.

The objective of this artistic program is to show the world the intergenerational, intercultural and eclectic aspects of Moroccan culture, in a logic of transmission, and to reflect the plural image of the Kingdom, within the Morocco Pavilion, and beyond, outside the walls…

The cultural and artistic program will be expressed in several forms: musical highlights, food & night music, “cooking show”, musical performances by 12 folklore troupes from 12 regions of the Kingdom, parades of young and experienced Moroccan designers, Kids master class workshops , craft workshops for children, celebration of the 50 years of the United Arab Emirates (Golden Jubilee), participatory fresco, exhibitions, film projection, etc.



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