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The Moroccan Student Group organizes the International Registration Forum

The Moroccan Student Group organized, on Thursday in Casablanca, the International Registration Forum which aims to support baccalaureate holders, students and parents in their choice of post-baccalaureate training.

Several national and international Universities and Grandes Ecoles take part in this event, which aims to help young people obtain their place in the best higher education and professional training establishments according to their respective personal projects.

Beyond putting you in contact with the participants in order to refine the search for the sector and the job that suits them, the International Registration Forum offers visitors the possibility of taking competitions, admission tests and selection interviews either on site or on the sidelines of the Forum.

This Forum thus constitutes a platform for national and international exhibitors to meet graduates, students and parents of pupils to inform them, advise them or support their application.

The President of the Moroccan Student Group, Mohcine Berrada, indicated that the Group is organizing this Forum, which was also held the day before in Rabat, with the same state of mind, that of‘”inform and help young people to find their way”.

“In each of the 17 forums that we organize across the country, we conduct surveys and it turns out that more than a third of young people who get the baccalaureate only make their choice of training after the results of the baccalaureate” , underlined Mohcine Berrada, noting that the Group has a duty to support these graduates until they make the right choice of their training and therefore of their future.

He specified that this Forum knows the presence of about thirty participants representing several entities, noting that it is large national and international institutions which are there to guide the graduates or students and help them to make their choice of training.

Furthermore, he was pleased that “Young people are systematically accompanied by their parents. So we have as many young people as parents and this comforts us in our mission”.

As part of this Forum, personalized support is offered to visitors with face-to-face study sessions at the exhibition site, with the aim of speeding up the pre-registration process.

Visitors can thus obtain approval in principle for their admission, whatever the training cycle for which they are applying.

Through the International Enrollment Forum, the Moroccan Student Group aims to eventually establish physical platforms facilitating access to post-baccalaureate studies by creating dedicated spaces.

This Forum targets different audiences: baccalaureate holders wishing to enter higher education, students wishing to reorient themselves within the framework of parallel admissions, practicing employees wishing to boost their careers through executive programs and parents wishing to support their children in the realization of their development projects. ‘coming.




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