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The Moroccan passport ranked 128th out of 199 countries

The Moroccan passport is positioned 128th on a list of 199 countries assessed, according to the latest “Nomad Passport Index 2023” ranking.

Established by Hong Kong-based offshore consultancy Nomad Capitalist, the Nomad Passport Index 2023 has been designed to meet the specific needs of global citizens at a time when international mobility is increasing and the preservation of wealth and freedom personal are increasingly elusive. In addition, many passports have seen a decrease in visa-free travel due to recent world events.

Additionally, the index ratings are based not only on the basis of visa-free travel, but also on international tax laws, global perception, dual nationality and personal freedom.

Regarding the Moroccan passport, it is currently classified 128thwith a total score of 51.50. Holders of this passport can travel to 77 destinations, of which 42 require a visa on arrival, 33 without a visa and 2 destinations with an electronic travel authorization (eTA), while 173 destinations require a physical visa or an e-visa .

The five ranking criteria, namely the ease of traveling without a visa, taxation for citizens, possibilities of dual nationality, global perception and personal freedom, were based, for Morocco, on passport data and publicly available sources of information, including the World Happiness Report, embassy data, compulsory military service data and reports, government surveillance, and freedom of the press, among others.

As for the overall ranking, the United Arab Emirates topped the list for the first time this year, with a score of 110.50, jumping directly from 35th place last year to first, followed by Luxembourg ( 108 points) which had held 1st position for two years, Switzerland (also 108 points), Ireland (107.5), Portugal (107.5), Germany (107), Czech Republic (107), New Zealand (106.5), Sweden (106), and Finland (106) which closes the top 10 of the ranking.



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