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The Moroccan Orchestra of Andalusian Music is born

The Moroccan Association of Andalusian Music (AMMA) is celebrating Music Day this year with the creation of the Moroccan Orchestra of Andalusian Music, in order to contribute to the sustainability of Andalusian musical heritage.

Working under the theme of “safeguarding and promoting Moroccan musico-cultural heritage, AMMA celebrates World Music Day by creating this orchestra composed of musicians from different regions of the Kingdom, Tangier, Tetouan, Taza, Fez, Meknes, Chefchaoune, Rabat, Salé, Casablanca, Marrakech, Essaouira and Agadir. Young music lovers passionate about Andalusian music and fully invested in the preservation of this heritage which is an integral part of our Moroccan identity.

Led by the talented artist Driss Berrada, the orchestra aims to make a substantial contribution to the preservation and sustainability of the Andalusian musical heritage, by involving Moroccan youth in this transmission of the torch.

The Moroccan Orchestra of Andalusian Music will perform on stage, Saturday, June 25 in Casablanca, alongside the Andalusian Orchestra of Fez under the direction of Grand Master Mohamed Briouel.

This concert, produced in partnership with Wecasablanca, is an Andalusian painting representative of Moroccan Andalusian music as a whole: Young and old, Jews and Muslims.

This artistic collaboration is intended to convey a message of hope, within a youth increasingly aware of the importance of carrying high the torch of Moroccan Andalusian heritage.

The two orchestras will be accompanied by renowned artists including the diva Françoise Flore Atlan, the singer artist Jacob Tordjmane (Coco Diam’s) and the talented Fedwa TADIST.

Fatima Mabbour, Founding President of AMMA, assures us: “As an association resolutely committed to the preservation of Andalusian musical heritage, we are delighted to see the birth of an orchestra made up of young music lovers passionate about Andalusian music. and thus contribute to ensuring the succession”.




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