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The Moroccan city of Dakhla seduces Barack Obama and Prince William

Dakhla, the pearl of the south, has become in the space of twenty years, one of the best spots in the world for Kitesurfing, writes the French magazine Paris Match. The destination has already attracted many celebrities including Barack Obama and Prince William.

With its favorable geographical position to attract the winds capable of raising the kite wings, located 30 kilometers north of the Tropic of Cancer, the city of southern Morocco Dakhla, has a pleasant and favorable climate for the practice of kitesurfing, making one of the leading destinations for this sport.

“In the extreme south of Morocco, wedged between the Atlantic and the Sahara, the small peninsula offers an ideal setting to indulge in this fashionable sliding sport”, writes the magazine Paris Match in an article dedicated to the city ​​of Dakhla and entitled “Morocco: Discovering Dakhla, the mecca of kitesurfing”.

The city of the Moroccan Sahara has quadrupled the number of its visitors and sports tourists, going from 25,000 tourists in 2010 to 100,000 people today. The blue pearl of Dakhla is currently even targeting 200,000 visitors with the post-pandemic recovery and the reopening of borders in Morocco, which was late, in February only, specifies the magazine

In its article an article entitled “Morocco: Discovering Dakhla, the Mecca of kitesurfing”, the magazine recalls the advantages of the city of Dakhla, mild temperatures, exotic most of the year, a sea at good temperature and shallow like a pool, ideal for beginners, fine soft sand that offers a different sensory experience.

But its geographical location, too, plays a lot in the many advantages of the city of Dakhla. It is nestled in the Sahara, between the sand dunes, and offers not only good access to the Atlantic but also landscapes, stretches of sand for miles, a real change of scenery.

For the French media, all these things mean that Dakhla, “this enclave isolated from the rest of Morocco by the surrounding desert, lulled by the winds that slalom between the dunes (…) has turned out to be the perfect spot”.

In recent years, the list of Dakhla lovers has grown to include sportsmen, international celebrities, including Barack Obama, John Kerry, Brad Pitt and Prince William.

In addition, the wealthy Richard Branson, already a great lover of Morocco, has become the biggest promoter of the Dakhla destination within the jet-set, after going there in 2021.

»The lagoon extending over 40 kilometers, it is an understatement to say that it is not difficult to feel alone in the world. Less in October, when Dakhla hosts, as every year, a stage of the kitesurfing world cup. But that only lasts five days. And for solitude, you still have the desert. All around, ”says Paris Match.

And if all the world-renowned Kitesurfers come to Dakhla every year, especially because the city is one of the reference spots for international competitions, it remains today an almost secret address that only connoisseurs share.

Thus, Paris Match considers that Dakhla is unquestionably “a spot of the future, and some have understood it well”, in particular with its discreetly charming guest houses, offering a place of tranquility only disturbed by the noise of the sails in the wind.




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