The Moroccan Caftan shines in Istanbul with Fatima-Zohra Filali Idrissi

As part of the competition ” Ulusal Model Turkey ‘ selection of future stars of Turkish modeling and cinema, the wonders of the Moroccan caftan are invited to Istanbul.

Indeed, the ambassador of the Moroccan Caftan, Fatima-Zohra Filali Idrissi, shines under other skies. After a brilliant participation in the Oriental Fashion Show held in the City of Lights, Paris, the stylist and designer took part in the jury of the competition ” Ulusal Model Turkey“.

Thus, this flagship event will see the participation of twenty young model makers and actors from all over Turkey. Faithful to her vocation, Fatima-Zohra Filali Idrissi spares no effort for the promotion and the influence of the Moroccan Caftan here and elsewhere, and this, by giving it back its letters of nobility.

In addition, designer Fatima-Zohra Filali Idrissi, icon of the Moroccan caftan, will dress the ten most beautiful women and the ten most beautiful men who won the competition. It will present a collection of caftans for women, and for the first time, a magnificent collection of caftans for men worthy of the Arabian Nights.

The caftans are worked in pure Moroccan juice. Brocade, embroidery, Maâlam’s work, nothing is left to Hazard. Moroccan excellence will be at the rendezvous. The Moroccan master craftsmen, guardians of ancestral know-how, once shared with the craftsmen of the Ottoman Empire, have kept and preserved the art of the caftan which shines throughout the world. A tribute to Moroccan creation!

I am very happy to be among you, in Istanbul, to be part of the Jury of this edition of this major event and to crown the winners. », Underlines Fatima-Zohra Filali Idrissi, quoted in a press release, during the press conference held Thursday, August 19 in Istanbul.

I am very grateful for having granted me the honor of dressing the finalists with a new innovative collection of Moroccan caftans drawn from our authentic, modern and contemporary heritage in its diversity and multiplicity of fields. This is an ideal opportunity to get closer to the creations of Moroccan craftsmanship in general and the art of the caftan in particular. “, She said.

Guest of honor of the competition “Ulusal Model Turkey», Fatima Zohra will dress the most women and men of Turkey. A collaboration initiated by the Oriental Fashion Show and the association “ Silk Road and ALAndalus»In order to convey the values ​​of beauty and aesthetics.

For the Moroccan Fatima-Zohra Filali Idrissi, art and culture contribute to strengthening the bridges of dialogue and cultural and artistic exchange between the two brother countries, Morocco and Turkey.

The designer does an exceptional job in cultural diplomacy, and takes the Moroccan caftan around the world. It works, alongside the oriental fashion show, to perpetuate this tradition through the countries of the Silk Road.

It should be remembered that the Moroccan designer Fatima-Zohra Filali Idrissi took part in several Fashion Show and Fashion Weeks events, notably in Paris, Dubai, Los Angeles, Kuwait, Baku and she won several prizes including the Unesco prize. in Paris.



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