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The Moorish café in Oudayas Rabat a phoenix without a true soul

The mythical Moorish café Located in the heart of the Casbah des Oudayas in Rabat has risen from its ashes, so to speak and, reopened its doors on Saturday after the completion of the “renovation” or rather identical reconstruction work after having been shaved entirely. We remember that it had raised a general outcry so much so that even Unesco was angry for not having been informed beforehand.

Never mind ! Lovers of this historic site, a romantic place overlooking the mouth of the Bouregreg, will console themselves with this replica of a mythical place and a meeting place for residents and visitors to the capital.

At the beginning of the year, he announced the launch of a large-scale project which aims to enhance the heritage of the Medina of Rabat and “to improve the living environment of the inhabitants of these areas steeped in history, the Moorish café and the Oudayas were part of the project mobilizing investments in the order of 625 million dirhams, the rehabilitation project was part of the development plan “Rabat city of light, Moroccan capital of Culture”.

The inauguration of this café, once considered one of Rabat’s must-see attractions, took place in the presence of a delegation made up of the Wali of the Rabat-Salé-Kénitra region, Mohamed Yacoubi, the president of the Ribat Association. Al Fath, Abdelkrim Bennani, the Russian Ambassador to Morocco, Valerian Shuvaev, the UNESCO Representative in Morocco, Alexander Schischlik and other personalities from the diplomatic, cultural and associative world.

On this occasion, Bennani indicated that the opening of the Café represents a historic moment with a new departure of this monument steeped in history which has been restored in the rules of the art, stressing that the authorities, technicians, historians and the archaeologists have all ensured that this magical, mythical and historical place keeps its spirit.

Congratulating all the trades who have contributed to this work, Mr. Schischlik, for his part, noted that an extremely complex work was accomplished for the renovation of this café, insofar as it was necessary to carry out the work ” while respecting heritage and getting things back as they were in everyone’s mind“.

For his part, the vice-president of the Association Espace les Oudayas, Abderrahmane Badraoui indicated that the renovation of the coffee registered today as “Café des Oudayas” saw the participation of experts and mâalems who made a great restoration work to keep the authenticity and history of this place, adding that this cafe has been restored in accordance with standards, in order to preserve its original identity.

The intervention in this place with high public and tourist traffic is part of a global project to enhance the Oudayas Kasbah, including in particular ramparts, monumental gates, adornment museums and Andalusian garden.

During this ceremony, the keys of the main doors of the Oudayas were handed over to Unesco for its role in the preservation of historical monuments in Morocco, as well as for its contribution to the restoration work on this site.

Photo report Mounir Mehimdate




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