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The Mohammed V Foundation sends aid to Azilal

The Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity is continuing to deliver the necessary aid to the rural populations of the province of Azilal affected by the extreme cold that is currently raging in this part of the Kingdom.

The Foundation set foot on Saturday in the very remote town of Ait Tamlil in the province of Azilal for the continuation of the Great Cold operation implemented on the High Instructions of HM King Mohammed VI.

This operation benefited at the level of this commune to some 3,668 households from the localities of Ait Oumdis, Ait Tamlil and Tifni.

Each household received a support kit consisting of food products (flour, rice, sugar, tea, salt, oil and powdered milk) and blankets.

The operation began in the province of Azilal at the level of the commune of Ait Abbas where a total of 403 kits were sent to the target populations followed by localities of Zaouia Center with 697 kits delivered, Ism Souk (941 kits) as well as the localities of Ait Abdi and Zarkane where a total of 889 households benefited from this operation.

It should be noted that a significant human and logistical system has been deployed to deliver the kits of basic foodstuffs and blankets to the populations affected by the harsh climate.

This operation was carried out in close coordination with all the actors concerned, in particular the Ministry of the Interior and the local authorities who lent a hand to the Foundation in order to facilitate the delivery of the kits under favorable conditions.

a total of 8,700 kits will be distributed for the benefit of the inhabitants of the mountainous areas of this province which is experiencing a significant drop in temperatures at this time of the year.

So far, a total of 6,195 households scattered over 40 douars culminating at more than 2,000 meters above sea level have benefited from this operation, which is being held in close collaboration with local authorities due to the heavy snowfall, he said. she noted.

At the level of the province of Azilal, some 8,700 households from 9 municipalities with a strong rural and mountainous dominance, severely affected by the drop in temperatures, are concerned by this noble royal gesture.

As a reminder, King Mohammed VI gave His High Instructions for the immediate launch of the solidarity action “Great Cold” in favor of rural populations exposed to the significant drop in temperatures in the provinces of the Grand and Middle Atlas.



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