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The ministry seeks solutions to the expectations of students returning from Ukraine

The Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, Abdellatif Miraoui, assured Tuesday that his department takes care to deal effectively with the file of Moroccan students returning from Ukraine, while ensuring the protection of their rights and their academic future through concrete solutions that meet their aspirations and expectations.

Responding to oral questions in the House of Councillors, Abdellatif Miraoui indicated that as part of the exploration of possible solutions to remedy the situation of these students, the Ministry held in-depth meetings with the network of deans of the faculties of medicine, pharmacy and dental faculties in the public and private sectors, as well as with the Hassan II Agronomic and Veterinary Institute.

He added that contacts have also been made with the diplomatic corps of some Eastern European countries which have an educational system similar to that of Ukraine (Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria) with a view to examining the possibilities hosting Moroccan students in their higher education establishments.

The Minister underlined that the problem mainly concerns dentistry and pharmacy, knowing that the number of students returning from Ukraine exceeds the reception capacity of the national faculties concerned, explaining that this problem arises less acutely for faculties of medicine, institutes of engineering, faculties and schools of economics and management.

He assured that all solutions are being studied according to developments on the ground, in particular the possibility for students to continue their studies remotely, as indicated in the circular made public by the Ukrainian Ministry of Higher Education. , with the possibility of taking into account the training courses followed in health establishments in Morocco.

The ministry will study this proposal with the faculties of medicine and pharmacy, the faculties of dental medicine and the hospital centers, he added.

Regarding the proposal from the Embassy of Hungary, the Minister mentioned that it concerns the possibility of welcoming around 1,000 Moroccan students to enable them to complete their studies in this country, adding that students wishing to enroll in establishments in higher education in Romania and Hungary will be able to pass the entrance exams from Morocco without having to travel to these two countries.

The minister stressed that the government has given high priority to this file in order to protect the interests of Moroccan students in Ukraine and to find appropriate solutions to their situation, noting in this regard the creation of a digital platform to inventory the data related to the university level of these students and their specializations.




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