The Ministry of the Interior warns of structural water stress

The water stress facing Morocco prompted the Ministry of the Interior to react, issuing a note to all the walis of the regions and governors of prefectures, provinces and district prefectures. The objective is to regulate the use of drinking water, so the filling rate of dams is very low in the majority of hydraulic basins in Morocco and the productivity of groundwater resources is very low.

In this note, and in addition to circular n°1937 of February 17, 2022, the Minister of the Interior reminded them that in the face of this situation, they are required to urgently convene the prefectural and provincial commissions set up by the article 89 of law 36-15 relating to water.

The objective is to implement the actions necessary for the rational management of water resources and to guarantee the supply of drinking water to the population.

These actions consist in particular of:

-The application of restrictions on the water flows distributed to users
-The ban on watering green spaces and golf courses using conventional water (drinking water, surface water or groundwater)
-The prohibition of washing on public roads and places with drinking water
– Prohibition of illegal water withdrawals from boreholes, wells, springs, rivers and water transport canals
-The filling of public and private swimming pools once a year. These pools must be equipped with a recycling system
– Prohibition of the use of drinking water for washing vehicles and machinery.
The Minister insisted that all authorities ensure the strict application of the necessary provisions in this regard.



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