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The Ministry of Solidarity intends to create 12 social incubators at the national level

The Ministry of Solidarity, Social Integration and Family intends to create 12 reference social incubators at the national level, said Minister Aawatif Hayar.

Speaking during a study day organized in partnership with the Social Development Agency on social incubators as a lever for the social inclusion of women, the Minister stressed that her department also intends to rely on incubators who have accumulated field experience in the social inclusion of women through economic activity.

The government official said that the territorial distribution of social incubators is at the center of the ministry’s new strategy, as a lever for inclusive, innovative and sustainable social development.

She noted that it was the Social Development Agency that was tasked with supervising the “Al Jisr for Empowerment and Leadership” program with a view to strengthening its attributions as a leading institution in the field of social engineering, strengthen the capacities of public actors, local authorities and civil society associations, and invest its presence in all regions of the Kingdom.

And the minister specified that the “Al Jisr for empowerment and leadership” program, launched by the ministry in partnership with the regional councils, aims to train and support 36,000 women.

In the same context, the President of the Association of Regions of Morocco, Mbarka Bouaida, who spoke remotely, that the social aspect is at the heart of territorial policies for the promotion of the social sector in general and the situation of women in particular, emphasizing in particular the provisions of advanced regionalization in the social field and the promotion of women’s conditions.

Speaking on behalf of the governor, national coordinator of the National Initiative for Human Development on the experience of youth platforms to support project leaders, Younes Taib raised that the youth platform “is the one of the novelties of the third phase of the INDH.

He referred to the “Improvement of Youth Income and Economic Inclusion” program, aimed at increasing the income of beneficiaries, by launching a new generation of youth economic inclusion projects promoting their employability and facilitating access to entrepreneurship.

For the general coordinator of the Marrakech Declaration for the fight against violence against women, Ms. Amina Oufroukhi, social incubators will have positive repercussions on the social situation, stressing that this program is in tune with the objectives of the “Marrakech Declaration”. 2020”, relating to the elimination of all forms of violence against women.

And to highlight the importance of strengthening the empowerment of women and girls, through joint initiatives in a coordinated and preventive context, to ensure their effectiveness.

Officials representing, in particular, social and academic institutions took part in this study day to share good practices in incubation with a view to contributing to the economic empowerment and social integration of women.



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