The Ministry of Industry is bound by a Framework Agreement with Tijara 2020

With the objective of acting jointly for the development of the trade and distribution sector, the Federation of professions in the distribution of consumer products, TIJARA 2020, has signed a framework partnership agreement with the Ministry of industry, commerce, green and digital economy.

Indeed, the trade and distribution sector continues to experience both endogenous and exogenous changes that must be supported and anticipated. The role of TIJARA 2020 is to represent this sector in its multiple configurations and expressions, in particular the traditional, the rural, the modern and the digital so that it composes a multiple but homogeneous voice, able to support the public authorities in the structuring and development, explains TIJARA 2020 in a press release.

Thus, TIJARA 2020 claims to have contributed on several occasions and events to this collective effort, in order to build a dynamic sector and in the service of the development of Morocco.

Moreover, during the Covid 19 pandemic and its multiple impacts, TIJARA 2020 made a strong contribution alongside the public authorities to the delivery of consumer products throughout the national territory, without disruption“, Specifies the same source.

In addition, TIJARA 2020 has developed an industry roadmap. It is a white paper, addressed to the public authorities in this common effort of responsible and committed socio-economic development of our country. This signature therefore comes as the culmination of a real action program, supports the federation.

It crystallizes the will of the two partners to improve the disintermediation of flows, the improvement of the management of the flow of goods; The digitization of players in the sector as well as the improvement of the quality of training for those working in the distribution chain“, Concludes the same source.



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